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USATCO C-Yoke Compression...

USATCO C-Yoke riveters are available in single cylinder and tandem cylinder types, both in standard and high force versions. They cover different capacity requirements for use in aluminum and steel and feature quiet, easy operation, CE approval and swivel air inlets. Clamping force exceeds federal specifications.


The OMEGA TECHNOLOGIES plier-operated KSG series is designed to clamp material together where no holes are available. Ideal for bonding, gluing and sealant operations, these clamps work well with all types of material. The larger surface area minimizes scarring while its spring-loaded mechanism prevents over-tightening. Avalable in different jaw depths and material thicknesses in inches. Sold in increments of 10 pcs.

ATS 707X Series Hand...

ATS 707X series dimpling pliers are produced from sturdy vise grip(r) pliers which allow you clamping down with over 3,500 lbs. of force. They use standard dimple die with .187" shank. 1" reach. One pair of pliers and three additional sets of dies for use with 707X series pliers can be ordered separately to have four tools in one. Available in different dimple sizes in inches.


POP® PRG510A/MCS510A series air rivet guns are strong, compact, and trouble-free pneumatic tools ideal for continuous high-production riveting. Αvailable with either a deflector (PRG) or with a Mandrel Collection System (MCS). The PRG-511 A offers an extended nose housing for improved access. Sets aluminum in sizes 3/32″ – 3/16″ in open-end and closed-end POP rivets.


CHANSEN® PONY Adjust-A-Clamp™ spring clamps are ones of the most durable clamps available allowing exact control of the applied pressure, providing between 1 and 50 pounds of clamping force with the turn of a screwdriver. Ideal for gluing models, crafts and various other projects. Light-weight, plastic jaws deliver comfortable yet durable use. Soft, pivoting jaw pads easily hold irregular-shaped objects and protect workpieces. Available in two models, 3251 with Max. opening: 1", Throat Depth (Reach): 1-1/4" and 3252 with Max. opening: 2", Throat Depth (Reach): 2-1/8". Sold in packs of 12 clamps each.

USATCO C-Yokes SKU:...

USATCO C-yokes are available for different mounting spacings and furnished with .187” or .250” set holes. Please refer to the attached catalog page and contact us for additional information.

ATS Pro-X Series Rivet Guns...

ATS Pro-X rivet guns offer unmatched controllability when setting rivets of any type or size. They are used in aircraft manufacturing plants such as Boeing and Lockheed-Martin. With the improved variable power control, proper riveting can be accomplished with confidence.  Different models serve specification requirements (see attached table). 1/8" Aluminum (3/32" Steel) Rivet Capacity. These guns accept all .401 shank rivet sets and attachments. Non-slip Powder Coat Finish. 1/4" NPT Inlet. Lifetime ATS-Pro Warranty.

USIT 114 Series C-Type...

The 114 series C-Type compression riveters from the U.S. INDUSTRIAL TOOL COMPANY (USIT) can be used for assembly operations in aircraft, automotive, truck,bus components, boats, metal furniture, toys, electronic chassis & appliance assembly. One man operated, USIT rivet squeezers increase productivity securing high joint integrity with no dependance on operator's skill level. Available in standard and high output configurations. CE certified. They feature tandem cylinder doubling compression force available from tool, rolling cam and wedge assembly multiplying compression force of piston, "squeeze" action with throttle controllable speed permiting easy control, exceptional accuracy and uniformity & swivel air inlet aiding maneuverability. They develop full squeezing force at 90 P.S.I. 


CELESA BLUE-MASTER self-tightening (keyless) industrial chucks for column or CNC drilling machines. Do not require a key for tightening or loosening. They incorporate a self-tightening feature that causes them to grip tighter as more torque is applied. Product line includes high precision (DC1), industrial (DC2) and industrial light-weight (DC3) chucks of different min/max openings of jaws, arbors (A), arbor diameters (D2) and chuck lengths (L1) in mm. Please refer to the illustrated models.

HI-SHEAR Grip Gauge SKU:...

HI-SHEAR Grip Gauges by HI-SHEAR CORPORATION, subsidiary of LISI AEROSPACE, can be used to measure the “grip length” of Hi-Lok® and Hi-Lite® pins, shear lockbolts, structural screws and bolts. The HI-SHEAR 2-651 Grip Gauge Assembly includes one HI-SHEAR 2-612 Grip Gauge & one HI-SHEAR 2-615 Grip Gauge Slide. The 2-612 Grip Gauge measures in increments 1/16” to 3”(1 mm to 75 mm). Made from spring temper stainless steel, 3/4" x 6-1/4".

HI-SHEAR Stainless Steel...

HI-SHEAR Pin Protrusion Gauges by HI-SHEAR CORPORATION, subsidiary of LISI AEROSPACE, can be used for inspection of pins for correct grip length. Different gauges are offered for respective HI-SHEAR HI-LOK series and HI-LITE pins, the direct evolution of HI-LOK series, for improved weight saving.


RIPLEY® UTILITY TOOL® WS 64 Series 5-35 kV adjustable cable strippers can be used for cable jackets & secondary & primary cable insulations.

Product Features & Specifications:

Compact, universal tool for stripping the end or mid-span on cable outer jackets & insulation materials with diameters from 0.5″ to 2.5″ (12.7 mm to 63.5 mm)

"Dual-position" jaw for removal of the outer jacket on primary power cables with all major insulation shields

Blade design provides an easy & efficient stripping operation with minimal effort, as well as a spring-loaded trigger-action jaw for quick cable diameter adjustments

Rugged, all metal construction & micro adjustable blade for a variety of jacket thicknesses (Blades are sold separately)

Material: Aluminum

Length: 8″ (200 mm)

Weight: 1.9 lb (860 g)

NOTE: RIPLEY® UTILITY TOOL® QC-2 Series Heavy-Duty Quick Clamp is a required accessory tool sold separately.


RIPLEY® UTILITY TOOL® QC-2 Series clamps are convenient, heavy-duty aluminum cable clamps with quick setup as a stop for stripping operations.

Made from aluminum,they can be used with RIPLEY UtilityTool® WS 64 Series 5-35 kV adjustable cable strippers for cable jackets & insulation materials with diameters from 0.5″ to 2.5″ (12.7 mm to 63.5 mm).

Technical Specifications:

Part No: 43970

Material: Aluminum

Min. Cable Outer Diameter 0.5″ (12.7 mm)

Max. Cable Outer Diameter 2.5″ (63.5 mm)

Material Aluminum

Length 7.75″ (197 mm)

Weight 1.5 lb (680 g)


RIPLEY® UTILITY TOOL® INFINITY Adjustable Cable Stripper is the industry’s most versatile, reliable and accurate adjustable heavy-duty tool for mid-span and end stripping on primary and secondary utility cables. It eliminates the need for traditional stripping knives, reducing the risk of cuts or lacerations. Its patent-pending, self-aligning design maintains optimum blade position to produce precise cuts for reliable splices & unions. Easily adjusts for 0.5″ to 2.5″ (12.7 mm to 63.5 mm) cable diameters with Standard & EPR optimised blades easily accommodating various jacket & insulation materials. Additionally it features recessed blade increasing safety & is easy replacement, adjustable blade depth & angle for greatest range of applications, detachable, ergonomic handles for use in tight spaces and optional blade depth gauge providing positive depth control while making blind cuts during mid-span applications.

Valve Spring Compressor...

This tool is used to compress valve springs during valve removal and installation. It is ergonomically designed for shop and field use and comes with special pivot pin. Features alloy steel construction with black alloy conversion coating.

AIRPRO AIRPROWU Compression...

AIRPRO INDUSTRY CORP. manufactures professional quality air tools, hand  & auto repair tools and accessories for professional applications under  the brand name AIRPROWU. AIRPROWU extensive product line ranges from aircraft tools to industrial, automotive/motorcycle ,tooling/molding, construction and auto body shop solutions and solutions for electronic assembly lines. AIRPROWU compression riveters include different models covering different capacity requirements for aluminum and steel. They come in different dimensions and are  offered with matching yokes to cover various application needs. Please refer to the specifications of individual compression riveters.


AIRPRO INDUSTRY CORP. manufactures professional quality air tools, hand  & auto repair tools and accessories for professional applications under  the brand name AIRPROWU. AIRPROWU extensive product line ranges from aircraft tools to industrial, automotive/motorcycle ,tooling/molding, construction and auto body shop solutions and solutions for electronic assembly lines. AIRPROWU product line of Hydraulic Riveters include pneumatic, industrial hydraulic, air hydraulic riveter tools and others. Please refer to the specifications of individual riveters.


AVIATIONEU NEW ERA drill type pneumatic sanders provide cost-effective solutions for stripping and grinding of metals in a wide range of applications. They are robust, durable, powerful  and reliable tools, offered as pistol (PM-33-140) or direct sanders (PMZ-31-250, MP-006,  PMZ-01-17000) and they can operate with different sander attachments such as abrasive wheels, burrs, metal brushes and others.

The PM-33-140 pistol sander was developed for the aerospace industry and is designed to work on high-strength steels, cast iron and non-ferrous metals.

The PMZ-31-250 direct sander has been designed for stripping and grinding of metal parts during assembly and repair works.  

The MP-006 direct sander can be used for processing and grinding of molds and dies as well as for cleaning and surface finishing of parts and welds. This lightweight comfortable pneumatic direct sander with rotation speed 30000 rpm provides high quality processing. 

The PMZ-01-17000 direct sander is intended for use in cleaning metal surfaces, for the treatment of weld seams and edges while it can also be used for the processing of solid wood and plastic. This easy and compact direct pneumatic sander is useful for working on hard-to-reach surfaces and confined spaces.


AVIATIONEU NEW ERA pneumatic drills provide cost-effective solutions for drilling, boring or other works on different materials to cover the needs of a wide range of applications in aviation and other industrial sectors.They are robust, durable, powerful  and reliable tools, offered in pistol or other types, in various rotation speeds and drilling diameters capacities. Depending on the model, AVIATIONEU NEW ERA pneumatic drills are intended for use with high or medium hardness materials as well as for specific uses.  Some drills are also suitable  for working on hard-to-reach surfaces and confined spaces. Please refer to the technical specifications of individual drill or contact us for additional information.


The 12LiS Cordless Screw Gun from AVIATIONEU NEW ERA product line is an irreplaceable assistant both in life, and on production. This easy, compact screw gun with a rated voltage of 12 V features:

- a speed of 0-350/1200 rpm, 

- boss size: 10 mm, 

- torque 15 nanometers, 

- 2 accumulators with capacity 2 Ach providing long time to perform required works, 

- battery built-in indicators to show when the accumulator needs to be charged

- rubberized handles. 

- one year manufacturer's guarantee

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 12LiS Cordless Screw Gun is delivered in a convenient plastic case, with a set of 2 Li-ion accumulators, the accumulator charging device and a trial nozzle. 


WYMA PNEUMATIC TOOLS pneumatic screwdrivers meet the demands for industrial performance, accuracy and durability and feature an innovative ergonomic design and precise torque control necessary for critical fastening applications involving metals, plastics or composites. Their double hammer striking structure, undergoing a high number of revolutions, makes them suitable for high-yield industries, assembly lines, maintenance of wood and motor, aluminum hardware processing, home appliances, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry. WYMA has conducted professional heat treatment on the related components of the pneumatic screwdrivers to improve their mechanical properties and enable them to work consistently long hours in the assembly lines. Please refer to the technical specifications of individual screwdrivers.

ATS 420DX Heavy Duty Spark...

A complete spark plug gapping solution for field or bench use by AIRCRAFT TOOL SUPPLY COMPANY (ATS). Includes the Heavy Duty Spark Plug Gapping Tool to accurately set your spark plug gaps to within 0.001". Also included is an Electrode Erosion Gauge to make sure that your gapped plugs are still in serviceable condition.You also get a set of wire feeler gauges to verify gap size. In case of an accidental over-gap of the plug, the included Gap Expansion Tool will get you back on track. Compatible with all Champion, and AutoLite Massive Electrode Spark Plugs. The complete kit includes:

1 X Gapping Tool

1 X Feeler Gauge

1 X Erosion Gauge

1 X Gap Expansion Tool


This top quality TEXTRON LYCOMING Baffle Spring Compressor speeds up the removal & installation of cylinder baffle springs. It eliminates the danger of broken or bent cylinder fins caused by use of screwdrivers and punches. This tool is easy to use and features two pivot locations for parallel and angle valve cylinders.

ATS 7500 Aviation Piston...

ATS 7500 Aviation Piston Ring Compressor features a quick-change design to speed up piston ring installation. It includes HASTINGS Ring-O-Matic® pliers and bands that operate in all positions: not just vertically or horizontally. The pliers incorporates a precision locking action for exact holding and release of piston ring bands. The complete kit includes the Ring-O-Matic® pliers and one of each of the following size bands: 4-1/8" to 4-1/2", 4-1/2" to 4-3/4", 4-3/4" to 5", 5" to 5-1/4", and 5-1/4" to 5-1/2", 5-1/2" to 5-3/4". Shipping weight: 3 lbs (1.5Kg).

ATS 3882 Series Cylinder...

The new 3882 series Cylinder Base Nut wrenches by AIRCRAFT TOOL SUPPLY COMPANY (ATS) are made from forged alloy steel, tempered, and hardened for maximum strength. They also have an industrial chrome plating to improve surface wear, and protect against rust and corrosion. Their thin-wall construction guarantees they will fit nuts close to the cylinder casing without grinding down the wrench's outer diameter. And with a 15" span, they clear even the tallest cylinders. The new 3882 cylinder base wrenches replacing ATS 2882 series address just about every concern of the previous 2882 series, while including several enhancements for work easier while carrying the ATS Pro lifetime warranty. The set includes 4 wrenches in Hex Sizes: 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", and 3/4" suitable for all Continental, most Lycoming, and many other types of aircraft engines.

ATS Rivet Gauges SKU:...

Economy models of gauges for shop rivet heads and rivet lengths are available from ATS.

ATS rivet head gauges are offered as a set of four gauges for -3, -4, -5, & -6 rivets. Each gauge measures MINIMUM height and MINIMUM diameter of shop heads AFTER setting. Works for measuring both universal head and flush rivets. Color coded anodized finish.

ATS rivet length gauge measures -3, -4, -5 & -6 rivets. Used to check length of rivets BEFORE setting. Works with universal and flush head rivets.

The set of rivet head gauges and the length gauge can be ordered as kit or separately.

AVERY TOOLS Rivet Gauges...

AVERY TOOLS (*) manufactures and supplies gauges for shop rivet heads and rivet lengths.

AVERY TOOLS rivet head gauges are offered as a set of four gauges for -3, -4, -5, & -6 rivets. Each gauge measures MINIMUM height and MINIMUM diameter of shop heads AFTER setting. Eliminates guessing if your rivets are properly set. Works for measuring both universal head and flush rivets. Precision machined to size from 2024 aluminum. Rivet size permanently stamped on each gauge. Color coded anodized finish.

A rivet length gauge is also available to check for proper length of rivets BEFORE setting and can be ordered separately or as kit with the head gauges. 

(*) AVERY TOOLS aviation tools and products are now available only through retail suppliers.

ATI® 501 Series Heavy Duty...

ATI® 501 series aerospace heavy duty rivet cutters are designed to quickly and easily shear aluminum rivets. They are adjustable for 1/4˝ to 3/4˝ long rivets in 1/16˝ increments. Available in two models with standard handle (ATI 501R) and long handle (ATI 501S).

CLECO TP74 Pliers SKU:...

CLECO TP74 pliers are of top quality forged construction, made from forged steel and nickel plated to resist wear and abuse. They are intended for use with CLECO fasteners. They can Install CLEKO-LOK C-CC-CHD fasteners, Monogram M,MM,ML,MEL & MHD fasteners and Kwik-Lok K-KK, KL, KEL & KHD fasteners.

BAUER Electric Drill SKU:...

The BAUER™ electric drills from HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS are offered in different cord and cordless (battery) models and are intended for use in diffrent applications. Their all-metal gear construction ensures heavy duty performance with daily use. They also feature high performance motors to cover drilling, and fastening jobs, a compact lightweight design to minimize user fatigue and textured overmolds for secure grip and comfort.  Cordless models are available as unit only or as kit with battery, charger and/or other accessories.

Model 189SC-B 20v Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8 In. Right Angle Drill  is the perfect configuration for drilling between studs and joists or other close-quarters work. The balanced right angle design is compact yet delivers a variable speed range of 0-650/0-2000 RPM. The LED provides a clear view in dark spaces. Compatible with all BAUER™ 20v Lithium-Ion tools. 

Model 1791C-B1 20v Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2 in. compact  Drill/Driver Kit features a 2-speed selector matching speed and poer to application. It comes with 1.5Ah battery, charger, 2 impact bits and a rugged tool bag.

Model 1695E-B  is a 13  Amp 2-Speed 1/2 in. Heavy Duty Right Angle Drill Kit features a 2-speed selector (450/1750 RPM), a low gear clutch and comes with  a rugged tool case.

BAUER Drill Bit Set SKU:...

The BAUER™ drill bits from HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS are constructed from premium alloy material for maximum durability. Offered in sets in different shapes and coating materials according to their intended use. Some sets come packed in a rugged high-impact heavy duty case.


AVIATIONEU NEW ERA Screw Extraction Kit is intended for use as a removal tool of stuck or broken screws, bolts or studs.

The kit consists of a 6-piece standard screwdriver set and a T Type steel single sided ratchet wrench adjustable to handle fasteners of M3 to M8 sizes. 

It is a high quality, versatile, convenient, efficient and long service life kit that can be used for home and professional applications in bikes, cars, electronics, household appliances, mobile repairs and other uses.

The 6-piece standard screwdriver set and the ratchet wrench can be bought separately although the kit provides a cost effective solution.


Ratchets, also known as ratcheting socket wrenches, have a handle and a drive end that connects to a socket that tightens or looses fasteners such as nuts and bolts. Ratchets come in different types such as Standard-Head, Flex-Head, Offset-Head  or Flex-Head to meet respective application requirements, in different drive sizes (1/4", 3/8", 1/2",1" etc.) with Quick Release versions.

PERFORMANCE TOOL™ Ratchets & Adapters by WILMAR LLC. are versatile hand tools used in a great number of applications. PERFORMANCE TOOL™ ratchets are offered in different Teardrop and Flex Head models for standard and heavy duty uses but also with extended length for extra leverage. PERFORMANCE TOOL™ Racheting Adaptors are offered for 3/8" and 1/2" drive sizes. 

Please refer to the Product Description and the supplied documentation for additional information or contact us.