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USATCO C-Yoke Compression...

USATCO C-Yoke riveters are available in single cylinder and tandem cylinder types, both in standard and high force versions. They cover different capacity requirements for use in aluminum and steel and feature quiet, easy operation, CE approval and swivel air inlets. Clamping force exceeds federal specifications.


The OMEGA TECHNOLOGIES plier-operated KSG series is designed to clamp material together where no holes are available. Ideal for bonding, gluing and sealant operations, these clamps work well with all types of material. The larger surface area minimizes scarring while its spring-loaded mechanism prevents over-tightening. Avalable in different jaw depths and material thicknesses in inches. Sold in increments of 10 pcs.

ATS 707X Series Hand...

ATS 707X series dimpling pliers are produced from sturdy vise grip(r) pliers which allow you clamping down with over 3,500 lbs. of force. They use standard dimple die with .187" shank. 1" reach. One pair of pliers and three additional sets of dies for use with 707X series pliers can be ordered separately to have four tools in one. Available in different dimple sizes in inches.


POP® PRG510A/MCS510A series air rivet guns are strong, compact, and trouble-free pneumatic tools ideal for continuous high-production riveting. Αvailable with either a deflector (PRG) or with a Mandrel Collection System (MCS). The PRG-511 A offers an extended nose housing for improved access. Sets aluminum in sizes 3/32″ – 3/16″ in open-end and closed-end POP rivets.

CHANSEN 3251/3252 PONY...

CHANSEN PONY spring clamps are ones of the most durable clamps available allowing exact control of the applied pressure, providing between 1 and 50 pounds of clamping force with the turn of a screwdriver. Ideal for gluing models, crafts and various other projects. Light-weight, plastic jaws deliver comfortable yet durable use. Soft, pivoting jaw pads easily hold irregular-shaped objects and protect workpieces. Available in two models 3251 with Max. opening: 1", Throat Depth: 1-1/4" and 3252 with Max. opening: 2", Throat Depth: 2-1/8". Sold in packs of 12 clamps each.


USATCO C-yokes are available for different mounting spacings and furnished with .187” or .250” set holes. Please refer to the attached catalog page and contact us for additional information.

ATS Pro-X Series Rivet Gun...

ATS Pro-X rivet guns offer unmatched controllability when setting rivets of any type or size. They are used in aircraft manufacturing plants such as Boeing and Lockheed-Martin. With the improved variable power control, proper riveting can be accomplished with confidence.  Different models serve specification requirements (see attached table). 1/8" Aluminum (3/32" Steel) Rivet Capacity. These guns accept all .401 shank rivet sets and attachments. Non-slip Powder Coat Finish. 1/4" NPT Inlet. Lifetime ATS-Pro Warranty.

USIT 114 Series C-Type...

The 114 series C-Type compression riveters from the U.S. INDUSTRIAL TOOL COMPANY (USIT) can be used for assembly operations in aircraft, automotive, truck,bus components, boats, metal furniture, toys, electronic chassis & appliance assembly. One man operated, USIT rivet squeezers increase productivity securing high joint integrity with no dependance on operator's skill level. Available in standard and high output configurations. CE certified. They feature tandem cylinder doubling compression force available from tool, rolling cam and wedge assembly multiplying compression force of piston, "squeeze" action with throttle controllable speed permiting easy control, exceptional accuracy and uniformity & swivel air inlet aiding maneuverability. They develop full squeezing force at 90 P.S.I. 


The Hastings Ring-O-Matic® Piston Ring Compressor Pliers incorporate a precision locking action for exact holding and release of piston ring bands.


CELESA BLUE-MASTER self-tightening (keyless) industrial chucks for column or CNC drilling machines. Do not require a key for tightening or loosening. They incorporate a self-tightening feature that causes them to grip tighter as more torque is applied. Product line includes high precision (DC1), industrial (DC2) and industrial light-weight (DC3) chucks of different min/max openings of jaws, arbors (A), arbor diameters (D2) and chuck lengths (L1) in mm. Please refer to the illustrated models.

HI-SHEAR Grip Gauge SKU:...

HI-SHEAR Grip Gauges by HI-SHEAR CORPORATION, subsidiary of LISI AEROSPACE, can be used to measure the “grip length” of Hi-Lok® and Hi-Lite® pins, shear lockbolts, structural screws and bolts. The HI-SHEAR 2-651 Grip Gauge Assembly includes one HI-SHEAR 2-612 Grip Gauge & one HI-SHEAR 2-615 Grip Gauge Slide. The 2-612 Grip Gauge measures in increments 1/16” to 3”(1 mm to 75 mm). Made from spring temper stainless steel, 3/4" x 6-1/4".

HI-SHEAR Stainless Steel...

HI-SHEAR Pin Protrusion Gauges by HI-SHEAR CORPORATION, subsidiary of LISI AEROSPACE, can be used for inspection of pins for correct grip length. Different gauges are offered for respective HI-SHEAR HI-LOK series and HI-LITE pins, the direct evolution of HI-LOK series, for improved weight saving.


RIPLEY UtilityTool® WS 64 Series 5-35 kV adjustable cable strippers can be used for cable jackets & secondary & primary cable insulations.

Product Features & Specifications:

Compact, universal tool for stripping the end or mid-span on cable outer jackets & insulation materials with diameters from 0.5″ to 2.5″ (12.7 mm to 63.5 mm)

"Dual-position" jaw for removal of the outer jacket on primary power cables with all major insulation shields

Blade design provides an easy & efficient stripping operation with minimal effort, as well as a spring-loaded trigger-action jaw for quick cable diameter adjustments

Rugged, all metal construction & micro adjustable blade for a variety of jacket thicknesses (Blades are sold separately)

Material: Aluminum

Length: 8″ (200 mm)

Weight: 1.9 lb (860 g)

NOTE: QC-2 Series Heavy-Duty Quick Clamp is a required accessory tool sold separately.


RIPLEY UTILITY TOOL QC-2 Series Heavy-Duty Quick Clamp is a convenient, heavy-duty aluminum cable clamp with quick setup as a stop for stripping operations.

It can be used with RIPLEY UtilityTool® WS 64 Series 5-35 kV adjustable cable strippers for cable jackets & insulation materials with diameters from 0.5″ to 2.5″ (12.7 mm to 63.5 mm).

Material: Aluminum

Length: 7.75″ (197 mm)

Weight: 1.5 lb (680 g)