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Screws & Bolts

Screws and bolts are commonly used as threaded fastening devices on aircraft and other industrial applications. Screws differ from bolts as they are generally made of lower strength materials. They can be installed with a loose fitting thread, and the head shapes are made to engage a screwdriver or wrench. Some screws have a clearly defined grip or unthreaded portion while others are threaded along their entire length. Several types of structural screws differ from the standard structural bolts only in head style. The material in them is the same, and a definite grip length is provided. The screws commonly used on aircraft  are classified in three groups: (1) Structural screws, made of alloy steel, which have the same strength as equal size bolts; (2) machine screws, usually of flathead (countersunk), roundhead, or washer head types. These screws are general purpose screws for general repair and are available in low carbon steel, brass, corrosion resistant steel, and aluminum alloy; and (3) selftapping screws, which are used for attaching lighter parts. A fourth group, drive screws, are not actually screws but nails. They are driven into metal parts with a mallet or hammer and their heads are not slotted or recessed.

Screws and bolts are sourced by quality suppliers, produced in accordance with military and other international standards and offered in different materials, types, sizes and packaging options as parts of aicraft or engine manufacturers, the respective product lines of respective producers or under our own AVIATIONEU NEW ERA brand. 

You can find our extensive collection of Aerospace/Military and Industrial (Commercial) screws and bolts structured in different series based on the standard they conform(*). Our Industrial (Commercial) screws and bolts come in different standards/ specifications, such as those of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and DIN, in different packing options and they are intended for use in a wide range of applications in many industries.

For additional information please refer to the article on an overview of our fasteners, other supplied documentation, the individual product presentations or contact us.

(*) Common Aerospace/Military Fastener Standards

Army-Navy Standards (AN)

Predecessor to Mil-Spec (MS), AN fasteners are the industry standard for aircraft, indicating that these fasteners are made to military specifications to stand up to the toughest jobs without faltering.

Military Standards  (Mil-Spec, MS)

A United States Defense Standard is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Also used by other non-Defense government organizations, technical organizations, and industry. 

National Aerospace Standards (NAS & NA)

“NAS” stands for National Aerospace Standard. The NA prefix is for Metric standards. NAS standards include Part Standards for high strength, precision fasteners.

Aerospace Industries Association Standards (NASM and NAM)

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), in coordination with the US Department of Defense, has converted a number of MIL-spec's to NAS. These now carry a “NASM” (for inch based) or “NAM” (for Metric based) prefix. The standard continues to be procured to the MS part number.

Screws & Bolts

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