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AVIATIONEU NEW ERA Integral Pilot Microstop Countersink Cutters SKU: AVEUNE-CTR-CNSK

Countersinking is used to ensure that flat head screws or fasteners sit flush against the workpiece. Countersinks used in aerospace and industrial applications are made of durable materials such as High Speed Steel (HSS) known for its hardness, toughness, and ability to withstand high temperatures. High Speed Steel (HSS) countersinks are well suited for cutting aluminum sheet metals. When combined with Cobalt, an alloying agent in steels to improve the hardenability, strength, and wear resistance in machining applications but also due to its ability to resist wear at higher temperatures, the  respective countersinks are often used for cutting stainless steel and other aluminum alloys.

Sourced from quality suppliers, integral (fixed) pilot Microstop countersink cutters are offered as part of our own labeled (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) product lines. Made from HSS or HSS Steel with Cobalt, they consist ideal tools for aircraft manufacturers, aircraft maintenance/ repair stations or  industrial manufacturers for precise and accurate countersinking, cost-effective alternatives to other OEM products and and stocked by our suppliers for fast deliveries. 

Offered in different flutes, body and pilot diameters and sold  either separately (*) or in custom sets to address specific customer needs in machining applications.

Because of the difference in composition between HSS and Cobalt, main strengths of HSS countersinks are their high hardness and wear resistance. Therefore, as a general rule, they consist a better choice when you want your countersinks to retain their strength even when exposed to extreme wear or abuse. For higher hardenability, strength, and wear resistance and in applications when when countersinks are to be exposed to extremely high temperatures, cobalt countersinks should best be used.

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA countersinks can be used with popular adjustable or Microstop countersinking units utilizing a threaded shank drive (sold separately). For additional information please consult the supplied documentation or contact us.

(*) Minimum Order Quantities apply depending on the selected countersinks or their sets.

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