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WHELEN A600 PG/PR Wingtip...

The ORION A600 PG/PR code 4 lighting system by WHELEN AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (WAT) combines a wing tip anti-collision white strobe with forward and tail position conventional navigation lights in one unit which can be used as a replacement for conventional teardrop type navigation lights. Tail position light eliminates the need for a tail mounted position light. 

WHELEN A600 PG/PR incorporates red or green nav light on the forward section, a strobe light with magnifying glass lens in the center and a clear tail position light on the aft portion. Newly developed magnifying strobe lens (A 612) concentrates the maximum xenon light energy in the horizontal plane increasing the light intensity by two to five times. The tail position light on the wingtip gives turning reference to the aircraft behind by displaying angle and white bank while turning. It also eliminates the need for a tail mounted position light which may be omitted when using A600 lighting system. FAA-PMA Approved. Available in 14 or 28 VDC and in a radio-shielded versions. 

Available in 14 or 28 VDC and in a radio-shielded version. The forward position lamp is 26 watts and the taillight lamp is 25 watts.

Product Specifications:

Weight: 0.8 lbs. (363gm)

Position Lamps Power Consumption: 4 amps @ 14 VDC; 2 amps @ 28 VDC 

Exposed Height: 2.4” (61mm) 

Length: 5.63” (143mm) 

Width: 1.7” (43mm) 

This product series is no longer available.  Please refer to model 90340 which is a direct replacement (exact footprint) for the model A600PG/PR without replacing the current strobe power supply. 

WHELEN 70509 TSO'd Flashing...

Totally new self-contained, Model 70509 flashing anti-collision light assemblies by WHELEN AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (WAT) are FAA TSO-C96a approved. They feature a rugged polycarbonate lens with internal optics (patent pending), replaceable halogen lamp and flasher assemblies. Can be installed as a replacement on Cessna aircraft, 1967-1979, on most general aviation aircraft, home builts, and ultralights. A separate flasher power pack is not needed because the 70509  anti-collision light units are completely self-contained. Wt.1Lb. Current Draw 2.7 amps @ 14V & 1.35 amps @ 28V.

WHELEN 90340/90375 Series...

The 90340/90375 Series wing tip mounted light systems from WHELEN AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (WAT) combine  strobe anti-collision/LED position lights, eliminating the need for a tail mounted position light. 90375 Series is same as 90340 with the addition of 3 feet of braided bonded protection for use in composite wingtip structure. They can be direct replacements (exact footprint) for the Whelen Model A600PG/PR series without replacing the current strobe power supply. The LEDs in position lights provide a significant reduction in current draw over conventional light bulbs. The strobe light lens assembly is radio shielded for maximum EMI/RFI protection. Single set of flying leads operates both forward & tail nav on 28 VDC version, and one set each of flying leads for the forward & tail nav on the 14 VDC version. FAA TSO'd.

Product Specifications:

LED Navigation Light Power Consumption: 0.5 amps @ 14 VDC, 0.25 amps @ 28 VDC 

Weight: 0.60 lbs. (272gm) 14 VDC, 0.65 lbs. (295gm) 28 VDC 

Exposed Height: 2.70” (69mm) 

LED Colors: Aviation Red, Aviation Green & Aviation White 1.1 lbs. (499gm) 

Lens: Clear RFI coated glass: strobe, Clear Polycarbonate: Navigation Lights

Leading Edge Landing Light...

This kit consists of two GE #4509 12V, 100 watt sealed beam lamps rated to draw 7.69 amps, brackets for installation, switch, switch plate, 60 ft. of 2-conductor hookup wire and instructions. Black and white wrapped 18 gauge wire can be used for installation. It is suitable for experimental / homebuilt aircraft only. No FAA approval.

Size: 4-1/2"H x 5-1/4"W x 2-1/4"D with bulbs installed. 

WHELEN ORION 600 Series...

The ORION 600 series is a FAA/TSO approved all LED self-contained wingtip mounted position (aviation red/green) / anti-collision (aviation white) lighting system manufactured by WHELEN AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (WAT). Incorporating the latest state of the art LED technology available in an all-inclusive package, the ORION 600 series system eliminates the need for external flasher boxes, external power supplies and reduces current draw providing thousands of hours of operation. Flush mountable for a wide variety of applications with minimal integration and easily retrofitable to the Whelen legacy strobe products. The ORION 600 series is quite simply the brightest form of LED Anti-collision and Position lighting available. Offered in 12 VDC and 28 VDC versions.

Product Features:

Fully FAA/TSO-C96a & TSO-C30c approved

FAR SPEC Certified

Replaceable hard coated polycarbonate lens to maintain maximum light output

No RF emissions

Aerodynamic design without sacrificing light output

Exceeds FAA minimum intensity requirements for maximum visibility and increased safety of flight

Environmentally tested and certified to RTCA/DO-160G standards

Product Specifications:

Weight 0.4 lbs.(181gm)

Dimensions H x W x L 2.04” (52mm) x 1.78” (45mm) x 5.65” (144mm)

Volts 12 VDC 28 VDC

Position LED colors Aviation Red Aviation Green

Anti-Collision LED color Aviation White

Lenses Clear Polycarbonate Hardcoat, Field Replaceable

Aircraft Replacement...

Miniature incandescent and LED lamps (bulbs) are offered,sourced from different manufacturers such as GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE), NORMAN LAMPS, AMGLO KEMLITE LABORATORIES,AERO-TECH LIGHT BULB Co. and others, for use in various aircraft applications (cockpit/wing/tail lights).

Unless a specific manufacturer is mentioned at the time of ordering and the selected lamp model is in production by this manufacturer, alternative lamps from different manufacturers shall be provided meeting the same or equivalent specifications.


The AL-1 series of Annunciator lights from ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL are more attractive, operate on less power and are smaller than the old fashioned indicator lights. These lights are an excellent indicator light for displaying boost pump on, gear status, power on, flags, etc. Also, they can be used as remote warning lights for any E.I. instrument featuring an external warning line. They are available in different light colors, operate on a 12 or 24-volt system and have a service life of over 1000 times that of incandescent bulbs. Mount hole: 5/16" . Size: .4" diameter x 1" depth. The come with 32" leads and E.I. documentation and certifications.

WHELEN A350CN Series...

The A350CN series instrument post light assemblies from WHELEN AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (WAT) are designed to illuminate the instrument panels and function as instrument mounting bolts. Identical to the A350 Series but with the connector nut. Available in different versions with white or red lens and 12 or 28V electrical power supplies.


White LED White LED Anti-Collision Head Light Assemblies by WHELEN AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (WAT) consist of the Anti-Collision Light (P/N: 01-0771987-00) and the Flasher Assembly  (P/N: 01-0771985-17) sold separately. They are designed to replace the legacy strobe light (01-0770818-00) and power supply (01-0770006-12 and 01-0770006-17) system on Cessna single engine restart aircraft 1996 & newer. FAA/PMA Approved. When replacing either the 01-0770818-00 strobe assembly or 01-7000617 power supply, both 01-0771985-17 and 01-0771987-00 are needed to convert to LED.

Technical Specifications:

LED Color - Aviation White

Current Draw: 28 Volts 0.3 amps avg. 


01-0771987-00 Anti-Collision Light: L 3.17" (81mm) x W 1.42" (6mm) x H 1.18" (30mm) 

01-0771985-17 Flasher Assembly:  L 3.93" (100mm) x W 3.10" (79mm) x H 1.38" (35mm) 


01-0771987-00 Anti-Collision Light: 0.14 pounds

01-0771985-17 Flasher Assembly: 0.48 pounds


SUPERIOR PANEL TECHNOLOGY (SPT) has developed a brighter, more uniform and longer lasting glare shield lighting system. The 18” x 1” glow strip electroluminescent lamps provide a beautiful fluorescent-like aviation green or a white light output. The ultra-thin lamps (.065 including the adhesive backing) are very flexible and conform to the curves of the underside of the glare shield. The SPT Glow Strips meet the FAA 23.853 burn test. Inverters are included with the kit. They are offered with or without a dimmer. The recommended dimmer for the strips is the Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) dimmer by SPT. Optional 14V or 28V battery back-up systems are available and recommended. SPT offers LIFETIME warranty on the Glow Strip lamps and 5-year warranty on the PWM dimmers.



GS1-18-14G Single Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-14G Two lamp Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-28G Two lamp Glow Strip-28V

Green with PWM Dimmer without off switch on dimmer 

GS1-18-14GPWM Single Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-14GPWM Two lamp Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-28GPWM Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V

Green with PWM Dimmer with off switch on dimmer  

GS1-18-14GPWMS Single Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-14GPWMS Two lamp Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-28GPWMS Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V


GS1-18-14W Single Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-14W Two lamp Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-28W Two lamp Glow Strip-28V

White without off switch on dimmer

GS1-18-14WPWM Single Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-14WPWM Two lamp Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-28WPWM Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V

White with off switch on dimmer

GS1-18-14WPWMS Single Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-14WPWMS Two lamp Glow Strip-14V

GS2-36-28WPWMS Two Lamp Glow Strip-28V

Battery Back-Up

BP14V Battery-Back Up 14V

BP28V Battery-Back Up 28V


LED lighting is the ideal technology for aviation applications. Whelen LED lights are time and field-tested for reliability and long-life performance under the tough conditions required by Fire, Emergency, DOT and Law Enforcement professionals around the world.

PARMETHEUS PLUS PAR36 LED lights by WHELEN AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (WAT) are FAA-PMA Approved LED lights with a convenient “Drop In” design for ease of installation, intended for use as direct replacements for outdated PAR36 Halogen and HID lamps. Power wiring attaches to brass screw terminals. Weight is virtually identical to previous PAR36 lamps. Assembly design includes clocking notch. They are lightweight, low-current and moisture resistant and provide stable light output for thousands of operating hours. The WAT PARMETHEUS PLUS  LED lights have a 40% brighter output than the original PARMETHEUS Series assemblies.

Product Features:

Offered in Landing and Taxi versions



Direct replacement for outdated PAR36 Halogen and HID lamps

First commercially available PAR36 LED for Aviation applications

10.000 hour operating life

Polycarbonate, replaceable, hard-coated outer lens

Metal, heat dissipating coated housing

Whelen TIR™ (Total Internal Reflector) technology rivals strobe in intensity and effectiveness

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Five year warranty

AVEO PowerBurst NG™ DayLite...

At only 26 millimeters in height (1.024 inch) the new PowerBurst NG™ DayLite by AVEO ENGINEERING is a Nav/Position/Strobe light that does not sacrifice anything in performance or standards as other economy-priced lights offered by the competition.The exclusive and highly advanced optics and chrome reflector system, unmatched power and LED management circuitry, and AVEO 's famous lowest-drag profile in the industry are all combined into a product that gives you unmatched power and features. Lower, narrower and shorter PLUS much lighter than industry lights in this category. This is not a TSO certified light. Intended for experimental aircraft.

Product Features:

3-in-1 Nav/Position/Strobe

Extremely lightweight

Unmatched circuit technology





Limited 3yr Warranty - Product must be registered within 30 days of purchase Here

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (mm): 115 mm x 33 mm x 26 mm

Dimensions (inches): 4.547” x 1.302” x 1.024”

Weight: 70 g / 2.47 oz

Operating Voltage Range: 9 – 18 V DC

Input Current – Position / Nav - green (@14V): 0.28 A

Input Current – Position / Nav - red (@14V): 0.23 A

Input Current – Strobe (@14V): 2 A peak

Output Power - Position / Nav - green: 3.3 W

Output Power - Position / Nav - red: 2.5 W

Output Power - Strobe: 24 W peak