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Textron Lycoming

Horizontally opposed, air-cooled, four, six- and eight-cylinder engines powering more than half the world's general aviation rotary and fixed wing aircraft fleet. Parts and accessories.

Textron Lycoming

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This top quality Lycoming Baffle Spring Compressor speeds up the removal & installation of cylinder baffle springs. It eliminates the danger of broken or bent cylinder fins caused by use of screwdrivers and punches. This tool is easy to use and features two pivot locations for parallel and angle valve cylinders.


TITAN cylinder assemblies by Engine Components Inc. (ECi) include FAA-PMA replacement cylinders for Lycoming and TCM engines. They incorporate unprecedented design, metallurgical and manufacturing improvements over traditional cylinder design and come standard with "Diamond" features that are exclusive to ECi TITAN products. 

ECi TITAN cylinders feature Nickel+Carbide bore, warranty guaranteed up to five years, a warranty against corrosion, Moly-filled top compression ring, Tru-Bore valve guides, and cast-in CHT Thermo-couple Probe Boss (O-200 style only, STD on others).


Lycoming cylinder kits come complete with a nitrided steel barrel, a new aluminum alloy cylinder head, piston pins and plugs, intake and exhaust valves, chrome oil and compression rings, valve springs and seats, retaining keys, and all gaskets and seals. The cylinder barrels and heads are engineered for unsurpassed strength and performance. The nitriding process provides the cylinders with a thick armored protection that significantly outlives other hardening processes. Lycoming cylinder design dissipates heat quickly and evenly.

Lycoming cylinders come with a full two-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship – regardless of the number of hours flown.