JABIRU Aircraft Engines

Non-Certified four-stroke  four-cylinder horizontally opposed  air-cooled direct drive aviation engines and related parts and accessories for use in experimental and ultralight aircraft.


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JABIRU Generation 4...

Jabiru 4th Generation Aircraft Engines include 2 horizontally opposed four-stroke air-cooled direct drive aviation engines designed and manufactured to ASTM F2339, Jabiru four-cylinder 2200 and 3300 six-cylinder with respective rated power of 85hp (63kw) and 120hp (88kw) @ 3300rpm.

The crankshaft is forged from 4140 chrome molybdenum alloy steel, Magna flux inspected with precision ground journals. The propeller is directly crankshaft driven resulting in reduced weight and low maintenance costs. The crankshaft features a removable propeller flange for easy replacement of the front crankshaft and installation of a propeller shaft extension if required. Both tractor or pusher installations are possible.

Cylinder heads are cast aluminum and screwed to aluminum cylinders to form a one-piece assembly. The cylinder barrels are electrolytically coated with silicone carbide (ceramic) in a nickel matrix. Pistons are Jabiru designed. Valves are 7mm (stem dia) which are purpose manufactured for the Jabiru engines. 

An integral alternator using rare earth magnets provides alternating current for battery charging and electrical accessory drive. The alternator is attached to the flywheel and is driven directly by the crankshaft. 

The ignition system is a transistorized electronic system; two fixed coils mounted adjacent to the flywheel are energized by rare earth magnets attached to the flywheel. 

The ignition system is fixed timing and, therefore, removes the need for timing adjustment. The dual ignition system is self-generating and does not depend on battery power.

An internal gear pump direct-mounted on the camshaft and incorporating a small automotive spin-on filter, provides engine lubrication. All installations require an oil cooler to meet oil temperature limits.

The engines are fitted with a 1.2 kw starter motor.

The fuel induction system comprises a pressure compensating carburetor. 

The standard engines are supplied with two RAMAIR cooling ducts, which have been developed by Jabiru to facilitate the cooling of the engine and direct air from the propeller to the critical areas of the engine, particularly the cylinder heads and barrels.

An effective stainless-steel exhaust and muffler system is fitted as standard equipment.

Features / Specifications:

4Cylinder (2200) / 6 Cylinder (3300) Horizontally Opposed

Four Stroke

Machined Aluminum Alloy Crankcase

Overhead Valves (OHV) - Push Rod Operated

Ram-air cooled.

Wet Sump Lubrication

Direct Propeller Drive (no reduction unit)

Dual independent transistorized Magneto Ignition

Alternator - 20 Amp

Electric Starter

Mechanical Fuel Pump

Naturally Aspirated - one pressure Compensating Carburetor

Displacement 2200cc (2200 Engine) / 3300cc (3300 Engine)

Compression ratio 8.0:1

Weight 60kg (132lb)  (2200 Engine) / 81 kg (180lb) (3300 Engine) incl. Exhaust, Carburetor, Starter Motor, Alternator & Ignition System

Fuel Avgas 100LL / Mogas 95 RON (with inspector sign-off)

For additional information please refer to the attached documentation.