The AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies (ecommerce.aviationeu.supplies), is an electronic commerce multi store application operated by AviationEU Supplies & Services Ltd., formerly EUROWINGS Aviation & Consulting Services Ltd., a private company based and registered in Athens, Greece and part of AviationEU Group of Companies (AviationEU Group) together with AviationEU Training Systems & Services Single Member Private Company, based and registered in Athens, Greece.

This platform is primarily intended for use by retail and corporate customers alike, providing them with suffficient information on an extensive portfolio of products and services related to the Aviation, Automotive and other industrial sectors. Prospective buyers can seek information, specifications and reference prices regarding their interested products/services for their evaluation and ordering. The platform also serves as an effective promotion of offered products and/or services by our co-operating manufacturers/suppliers. Typical platform users include suppliers of products, materials or services, end buyers or trading companies, logistics / transportation companies, etc. In addition to competitive prices and quantity discounts applied to an extensive product portfolio responding to a variety of needs in the aviation, automotive and other industrial sectors and the established co-operations with a long list of reputable manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, other benefits to be expected from the co-operation with AviationEU companies include:

- Our priority and experience in corporate sales and sourcing needs,

- The availability of an extensive portfolio of high quality, competitively priced own branded products (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) offered as cost-effective alternatives to meet customer needs, 

- Our significant knowledge on exports,

- Customer assistance whenever required for any additional information prior to ordering or problem solving during the order processing or after delivery including returns in case of any faults/malfunctions of delivered goods,

- Flexible shipping solutions,

- Progress monitoring and account Statements showing order values, payments and balances.

The following terms are used:

AviationEU Platform” or “AviationEU Electronic Ordering System (EOS)” are used as alternative terms to denote the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies for all communications with suppliers and/or customers.

"fulfill", "fulfillment company", "fulfilled by" or similar terms are used interchangeably hereinafter to denote the company (store) in the AviationEU Platform for order processing and delivery of the products, parts, systems, materials, services marketed and sold through this platform. Orders processed through the platform are mostly fulfilled by AviationEU Supplies & Services while those involving software upgrades and training products or services by AviationEU Training Systems & Services.

"product", "good", "item" or similar terms are used interchangeably hereinafter to denote the products, parts, systems, materials, services marketed and sold through this platform.


The content of the AviationEU Platform is based on information from various sources. Whilst AviationEU Group places a great emphasis on keeping such content up to date and correct, the AviationEU Group companies make no representattions or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accurancy, reliability, suitability or availability of this content and consequently does not undertake any responsibility for any reliance placed by the users on it or any user actions or decisions based on this content. In addition, the use of the AviationEU Platform STRICTLY IMPLIES that the user (whether guest or registered) acknowledges and agrees with all the terms and conditions mentioned below as ammended/updated from time to time.

Conditions of Platform Use & Terms of Sale

Respective information is now published and updated at the official Web Site of the AviationEU Supplies & Services Ltd. (www.aviationeu.supplies). Links to this site provided below can be used for access to the relevant information on each topic.

Platform Overview

Provides a brief presentation of key features of the the AviationEU Platform and the levels of access to its content (visitors, registered users/customers).

Customer Groups

Presentation of different customer groups (categories) used by AviationEU Group companies to meet sales requirements in different markets (domestic, EU, exports to non-EU countries). Current customer groups include tax free/export customers, those with no tax exemptions, reward scheme customers and special category customers.

Customer Reward Scheme

This scheme offers rewards to customers who have entrusted AviationEU Group companies for their supplies over the previous years and it is based on a simple point system which translates earned points into discounts and other benefits. Reward Customer categories include Normal, Bronze, Silver and Gold with corresponding additional discounts and other benefits.

Order Quantities

Information on Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), namely the minimum quantities required for processing an order. and Minimum Quantities for Discounts (MDQs), the minimum quantities required before product (also termed as volume or bulk) discounts can be applied.

Prices & Discounts

Selling prices appearing at the AviationEU Platform are published on the basis of most recent prices from our suppliers, including any agreed reseller discounts. Published prices are provided as a reference only. Actual selling prices for ordered items may differ from published prices as the latter do not include any discounts described in this section.


Information on alternative methods of payment including wire transfer and debit/credit card payment.


Presentation of AviationEU shipping locations (warehouses in the U.S. and Greece) and shipping options through our co-operations with international couriers, road, sea and air freight forwarders in addition to traditional postal services. INCO default term and other options are also discussed.

Product Certification

Unless otherwise specified, ALL ITEMS appearing at the AviationEU Platform are offered with a Certificate of Conformance issued by the responsible AviationEU Group fulfillment company. Other options are discussed.

Trade Restrictions

Due to trade restrictions (imports/exports) applicable from time to time to certain third (non EU) countries by National, European and International Authorities, sales of some of the items appearing in the AviationEU Platform may not be possible to these countries. More information is provided.

Customer Support

Information on our different approaches to help existing and prospective customers in their selection of the right products.

Disputes, Court Jurisdiction, Law

Every attempt shall be made for an amicable settlement of any dispute, controversy or difference arising between the AviationEU Supplies & Services,  the AviationEU Training Systems & Services or other Fulfillment Company (acting as a Seller) and the Buyer out of or in relation to materials and products/services sold in the context of respective orders through the AviationEU Platform or in any other way.

In cases where this cannot be achieved, and when there is no otherwise explicit written agreement between the Seller and the Buyer, such disputes, controversies or differences shall be settled by the competent courts in Athens, Greece under the Greek law.