AviationEU Customer Reward Scheme

The Customer Reward Scheme (CRS) adopted by AviationEU Group is a simple way to say thank you and acknowledge loyalty of our customers.

This scheme offers rewards to customers who have entrusted AviationEU Group companies for their supplies over the previous years and it is based on a simple point system which translates earned points into discounts and other benefits.

Points are earned on the basis of the Total Net Amount (*) in EUR of one or several orders orders placed and paid to AviationEU Group companies each calendar year (January 1st to December 31st). Any amounts of orders in other currencies are converted to EUR with the applicable bank exchange rates in Greece at December 31st each year. Points are computed with a ratio of 1:1 to EUR net amounts of placed and paid orders during the previous year. Simply, for each 1 EUR of payment,1 point is earned. Points must be used within the calendar year following the one they have been earned. There is no transfer of points from one year to another.

Earned points are customer specific (i.e. they cannot be transferred from one customer to another). In exceptional cases, permission for the transfer of points may be granted subject to the prior notification of the AviationEU Group order fullfilment company that a specific order has been placed by one customer on behalf of another. 

In the end of a calendar year of point computation, AviationEU Group customers are classified in the following categories, on the basis of the points earned from their respective payment(s) received and credited to their order account(s).

Changes in AviationEU Group Customer Reward Scheme (CRS)

As from January 1st 2022, the customer reward categories change as follows and apply to orders placed between January 1st to December 31st 2021:

Normal Customers: all customers other than Bronze, Silver & Gold customers.

Bronze Customers: customers who have placed orders for a total amount equal or exceeding EUR 50.000,00 (fifty thousand euro)

Silver Customers: customers who have placed orders for a total amount equal or exceeding EUR 150.000,00 (one hundred fifty thousand euro)

Gold Customers: customers who have placed orders for a total amount equal or exceeding EUR 250.000,00 (two hundred fifty thousand euro)

In the case of Bronze, Silver & Gold customers, reference of the status and related discount shall be included in all documents (offers, proforma invoices or invoices) issued to them by AviationEU Group companies within the period of the award application.

The following customer reward discounts are applicable to Bronze, Silver & Gold customers for their orders placed either through the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies or other means. They can be used in one or several orders till the exhaustion of earned points.

Bronze Customers: 2.5 % discount,

Silver Customers: 5.0 % discount,

Gold Customers: 7.5 % discount.

CUSTOMER REWARD DISCOUNTS ARE ADDITIONAL TO ANY OTHER DISCOUNT APPLIED TO ANY ORDER (please refer to the Pricing and Discounts section for more information on product and order specific discounts).

AviationEU Group reserves the right to terminate, add rewards, amend terms and conditions or suspend the Customer Reward Scheme at any time with prior notification to the customers.

(*) Important Note: Net Order Amount is the total amount of ordered goods excluding custom clearance, shipping, bank transfer or other charges as applicable to each order. It is noted that only the actual amounts received from customers and credited to their respective order accounts within the year of point computation count in the computation of points. Such payments may relate to respective invoices issued by AviationEU fullfilment companies to the customers at the time of delivery or shipping the goods or payments received as part of the respective proforma invoices issued for these orders. Amounts in proforma invoices or offers issued from time to time to customers for which a respective full or partial payment has not been received do not count in the computation of points.