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BAS TSO'd Aircraft Rear...

B.A.S TSO'd rear lap belts and harnesses are manufactured especially for B.A.S., Inc. by AM-SAFE Inc. They are available in different versions including Lap Belts Only, Fixed 3 Point Harness, Inertia 3 point Harness and Y Fixed Harness. They must be special ordered due to the many lengths, styles, and attach fittings available. Price is indicative and per seat. It can differentiate depending on order requirements and quantities. Special Order Item. Non-cancellable/non-returnable (NCNR) once the order is placed.

Optional Accessories available at additional cost. They can be ordered only as part of a respective order of a B.A.S  Shoulder Harness/Lap Belt System:

BAS Padded Neck Cuffs. Padded neck cuffs from a soft suede material to add comfort and prevent chaffing. Available in Black, Tan, and Grey colors. Please specify color at the time of ordering.

BAS Seat Belt Protector Sheaths. Protector sheaths are made from hard plastic to help protect lap belts from possible damage due to seat tracks, articulating seats, and doors.


BRS Aerospace has first invented the first Whole Aircraft Rescue Parachute System (WARPS) in 1980 currently being installed on more than 35,000 aircraft. Today the company offers a wide range of WARPS suitable as retrofits to Cessna series 172 and Cessna 182, as standard installations on Cirrus SR20 and SR22 models but also for installations on LSA and experimental aircraft. A small solid-fuel rocket is used to pull the parachute out from its housing and deploy the canopy fully within seconds. Typically on ultralight installations the rocket is mounted on the parachute container. On larger aircraft installations the rocket may be remotely mounted. The current version, BRS-6. has a separate rocket installation that can be removed from the parachute so that the parachute can be sent for re-packing without the problems of trying to ship the rocket along with it. Typically the parachute requires repacking every six years and the rocket requires replacing every 12 years.


MAGNUM aircraft rescue ballistic parachute systems are manufactured by STRATOS 07 S.R.O with knowledge and long experience in the construction of system components including rocket motors. They include different series produced for many years (like 450, 450 Speed, 501, 601) & newer certificated rescue systems like Magnum 1201 & 1401 for heavier aircraft and higher deployment speeds. They are intended for use in hang-gliding, paragliding, powered hang-gliding, powered paragliding,  unpowered and powered gliders,  gyroplanes as well as a wide range of two- and multi-seat airplanes and helicopters, including Light Sport, Experimental and Ultralights with a maximum 3,960 pounds gross weight, and deployment speeds of up to 199 MPH. Magnum Ballistic Parachutes come in sofpacks or canisters. Rescue systems packed in the softpack are usually installed inside of the aircraft. Rescue systems packed in a duralminium container are installed mostly outside of the aircraft.

Please refer to tables of specifications and notes below for the selection of a right rescue system.


The max take-off weight of the aircraft MUST NOT EXCEED the max allowable load of the rescue system.

If the aircraft Vne exceeds the max limiting speed for the rescue system deployment, mounting of the system should be done so that the pilot is informed of this speed.

MAGNUM ballistic parachute systems  are packaged in two parcels (one containing the parachute and the second containing the rocket). Because of the rocket, Haz-Mat shipping is required.

Appearing prices of MAGNUM rescue systems DO NOT INCLUDE cords between parachute and fuselage which are SOLD SEPARATELY. During the order, the length of activating cord from parachute to fuselage must be indicated. Other parts and accessories are also available at additional cost.

BAS TSO'd Inertia Reel 4...

B.A.S Inertia Reel 4 Point Shoulder Harness/Lap Belt System is designed and STC'd as a retrofit assembly to replace current aircraft seatbelts. The inertia reel shoulder harness system can be installed in the 2 forward seating positions of the aircraft. The shoulder harness system consists of an inertia reel mounted to the aircraft cabin roof above and behind each seat, a "Y" shaped shoulder harness, a lap belt with mating buckle and associated bracketry and hardware to attach the system to the aircraft. Each kit comes complete with all mounting hardware, installation instructions, and STC for both Pilot and Co Pilot shoulder harness seatbelt systems. Suitable for Cessna 170, 170A, and 200 Series, Piper Models PA28, 32, & 34, Beech Bonanza 33, 35 & 36, Baron & Travel Air models 95, 55, 56 & 58 and other aircraft.

AMSAFE® Aviation Safety...

AMSAFE® is the world's leading supplier of safety restraint products for the aerospace and defense industries, installed on both commercial aircraft. Most well-known for its aviation passenger seatbelts, AMSAFE® product portfolio also includes sanitized pilot, co-pilot and flight crew technical restraints, sanitized passenger seat belts, lightweight and traditional seat belts, Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES),  crew restraints for commercial airlines, general aviation, business aviation and rotorcraft applications, business jet restraint solutions but also airbag and pretensioner systems, designed to protect the head, neck, torso and legs of passengers and pilots in the event of a survivable aircraft accident. A synopsis of AMSAFE® restraints is provided in the Product Description section.


ALPHA AVIATION is a supplier of new, replacement and upgrade restraint systems based on AMSAFE® restraints. ALPHA AVIATION restraints are available for many models of General Aviation aircraft including Cessna 150, 150A thru K, Cessna 172L thru Q, 172RG (rear harnesses), Cessna 200 series and M20 A thru early J model aircraft which can add restraint assemblies by Minor Change.

ALPHA AVIATION replacement and upgrade restraints include complete, new FAA approved OEM quality AmSafe® 3-point diagonal restraints that meet current TSO standards and are available in both fixed strap and inertial reel equipped styles as well as 2-point rear seat lap belt replacements.  An 8130-3 Airworthiness Certificate is included.

For new installations ALPHA AVIATION provides FAA/PMA STC shoulder harness installation kits which include complete new OEM quality AmSafe® belt assemblies, meeting TSO-C114, as well as all FAA/PMA approved hardware for the addition of shoulder harnesses in  both the pilot and co-pilot seats. Matching 2-point rear seat lap belt replacements are also available. Usual lead time is 4 weeks for shipment.

ALPHA AVIATION  new, replacement and upgrade restraints are stocked in black, gray or fawn colors and are sold as "Per Seat" including 1 (one) restraint assembly - shoulder and lap belt.  They are also offered in over 50 different colors as Special Order at no additional charge.

For additional information please consult the supplied documentation.


SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS, part of SAFRAN GROUP, is the world's leading supplier of aviation life vests and other emergency evacuation equipment such as life rafts and evacuation slides

NEW ZODIAC AIR CRUISERS auto-inflatable emergency life vests / preservers now form part of SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS product range after ZODIAC AEROSPACE has joined SAFRAN GROUP in 2018  to create the world’s third largest aerospace company (excluding aircraft manufacturers). SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS aviation life vests are viewed as the lightest on the market, meet TSO and ETSO requirements and are widely used by crew members and passengers worldwide. They are offered in two configurations (one or two inflatable chambers) and are available in all sizes: adult, adult/child, baby/small child or universal.

SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS aviation life rafts are lightweight and innovatively-designed products. With a capacity of 1 to 56 persons, their product range meets the needs of not only commercial airplanes but also business jets and military aircraft.

As a key player in the evacuation slide market, SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS equips most commercial aircraft platforms (e.g. Boeing, Airbus, Comac, Irkut, Bombardier, Sukhoi, Illyushin, Tupolev…) and many military aircraft such as the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy or the Boeing KC-135 and KC-46. For additional information please consult the supplied documentation.