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AviationEU Group of Companies

Welcome to the Web Platform for Supplies of AviationEU Group of Companies. Our Group currently includes AviationEU Supplies & Services (formerly Eurowings Aviation and Consulting) and AviationEU Training Systems & Services (formerly Eurowings Aviation Training Services), both based in Athens, Greece.

AviationEU Supplies & Services Limited Liability Company

Greek Business Registry (ΓΕΜΗ) Number: 3873901000

Founded in July 2000 as Eurowings Aviation and Consulting Limited Company, AviationEU Supplies & Services is the oldest and the leading member of the Group in terms of our Group turnover. Over the years, the company has developed a wide range of services addressing respective needs of Greek and foreign customers, from aviation training and time building to aerial photography, supplies and technical assistance, consulting and I.T. services. Today, the supplies of aviation and industrial materials and products together with technical support services for aircraft, engine and propeller maintenance/ overhauls form the main activity this company. AviationEU Supplies & Services operates the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies and co-ordinates the fullfilment of the orders processed through this platform. More information on this company can be found at its official recently upgraded web site www.aviationeu.supplies. This site will also serve as the main content management system for supportive documentation regarding the materials/products promoted and sold through the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies.

AviationEU Training Systems & Services Single Member Public Company

Greek Business Registry (ΓΕΜΗ) Number: 129409601000

Founded in March 2014 as Eurowings Aviation Training Services Single Member Private Company, AviationEU Training Systems & Services currently provides pilot training services, foundation courses, training software, training supplies and related consulting and I.T. Services. Respective orders for training products, systems and services processed through the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies are fullfiled by this company. Further information can be sought at the official web site www.aviationeu.training.

AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies

The Web Platform for Supplies is an electronic commerce application operated by AviationEU Supplies & Services and intended for use by retail and corporate customers alike, providing them with information on an extensive portfolio of products and services related to the Aviation, Automotive and other industrial sectors. Prospective buyers can seek information, specifications and reference prices regarding their interested products/services for their evaluation and ordering. The platform also serves as an effective promotion of offered products and/or services by co-operating manufacturers/suppliers. Typical users of the AviationEU Platform include suppliers of products, materials or services, end buyers or trading companies, logistics / transportation companies, etc.

Platform Features

Key features of this Platform include:
Fully fledged e-commerce application supporting electronic order placement, payment options through wire transfer & credit cards as well as order progress monitoring,
A wide range of products and services from an extensive list of suppliers worldwide, including our own AVIATIONEU NEW ERA product lines offered as quality, competitively priced alternatives to OEM products,
Comprehensive information on products/materials to facilitate decision making from prospective buyers,
Integration of our Group pricing and customer support policies with priority in corporate clients/industrial buyers and their sourcing needs, technical assistance for any additional information prior to ordering, significant knowledge & experience on exports (for non-EU customers) combined with:
- our competitive prices, quantity, customer loyalty & promotion program discounts for specific product categories,
- warehouse pick-up or flexible shipping solutions including partial shipments to meet production schedules.
For additional information regarding the platform operations and terms of sale please refer to the relevant section.