Product Promotion Program

From time to time promotion programs for selected categories of products or materials are provided. These programs, developed in consultation with product manufacturers/suppliers (when needed), are intended to create awareness of prospective buyers on new offered products/materials or increase sales through discounts offered on existing ones. They generally have the following characteristics:

Product Specific: our programs relate to a specific product category each time (e.g. fasteners, metals, avionics, etc.)

Duration: the programs have a limited time duration, with a starting and end date

Program Discounts: these vary for different items in the program category as our different vendors have their own discount policies. They are percentage discounts applied to the listed (reference) product prices as published at our Web Platform for Supplies. During the implementation of the program, these discounts integrate any other discounts as applicable to the product and/or the customer. For this reason a promo code is needed which is provided by the administration team of the Web Platform for Supplies and can be used at the check out process. 

Minimum Order Quantities: Program discounts are ALWAYS based on Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) specified for each of our listed items. MOQs must be observed for EACH promoted product/material IN ANY ONE SINGLE order.

Order Placement & Payment: Program discounts ONLY apply to items ordered and paid within the duration of the program.

Publishing: Banners of our active promotion programs are published at our Web Platform for Supplies. They include the product category/categories the program is related to and the time duration the program is active.

For any additional information on our product promotion programs please do not hesitate to contact us.