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Connectors, Cables & Wire Assemblies for Communication Equipment

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AMPHENOL MS3106A Series 3...

Amphenol MS MIL-C-5015 Circular Plug Connectors are designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of military standards. These cable mount circular plug connectors have proven electrical capability for equipment applications where durability is important. The Amphenol plugs have threaded couplings and single key/keyway shell polarization for an accurate and reliable connection. The solid shells of these MS Series circular MIL-C-5015 connectors are made from high grade aluminium alloy. The shells are electrically zinc plated with an olive drab chromate finish which ensures a high resistance to corrosion. The inserts of these military circular connectors are made from resilient synthetic rubber which offers a high dielectric strength and resistance to vibration.

The MS3106A-10SL-3S plug can be used with Turn Coordinator TC02E-3-2 or Turn & Bank Indicator TB02E-2-1.


AMPHENOL Bayonet Neill Concelman (BNC) product series connectors are miniature quick connect RF connectors. They feature two bayonet lugs on the female connector. BNCs are ideally suited for termination on miniature and subminiature coaxial cable (RG-58, 59, to RG-179, RG-316, etc.). Other BNC series include:

HD-BNC product series featuring the trusted, push and turn interface of a traditional BNC and providing tactile feedback and a positive lock for quick and guaranteed mating and 

Mini-BNC product series allowing higher connector densities while preserving the positive characteristics of the full-size 75 Ω BNC. The Mini-BNC provides the same positive locking bayonet system found on the BNC but allows 40% more interconnects in the same area.


Connectors are used on electrical wiring harnesses and are essentially enclosures (i.e., shells) which house contacts with wires. The electrical connection into the system at the contact termination is either a soldered or crimped connection (the latter removable from the connector with the use of a special tool). The shell and insert may be moisture resistant or a hermetic seal. The inserts in each connector must be oriented for correct mating, and the shell or insert usually contains a keying feature to prevent miss-mating that could damage the connector or result in an electrical problem. 

Connectors can be of a Plug (“male”) or Receptacle (“female”) type. Receptables are also termed as sockets or jacks. Plugs have prolonged connecting pins which fit into the mating sockets. Receptables have mounting features such as a flange with holes. Connectors used in aircraft are mostly those complying with Military Standards (MIL-STD) and Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC).

Different connectors, structured in series, are offered as part of our own branded (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) product lines to provide cost-effective solutions for a variety of applications. Sourced by quality suppliers, they are available in plug or receptable types. 

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA MIL Standard MS5015 series connectors meet MIL-C-5015 specification. They ensure high electrical capability and durability at an acceptable cost and can be used for a range of applications including military ground support equipment, aircraft installations and others. Available in different case sizes (10SL,14S,16S,18,20,22,24,28 and 32) and  sold by the piece (pc.).

Product Specifications:

Shock: 490 m/s2

Relative humility: 95+-4% at 40℃ 

Insulation resistance: 5.000 Mega ohms minimum (at 25°C) 

Frequency Range: 10-2000Hz/147m/s2

Voltage Rating: 500VAC 700VDC 

Mating Type: threaded coupling

Termination : Solder

Durability (mating) ≧ 500 cycles 

Temprature Range:  -55°C ~ +125°C


MIL-DTL-26482 Standard Series II connectors are widely used on applications in aerospace environments requiring a general-purpose, miniature cylindrical bayonet connector.They are environmentally sealed and offered different receptacle-mounting styles.

MIL-DTL-38999 Series I...

MIL-DTL-38999 Series I Connectors are high-performance cylindrical connectors used on  aerospace and other applications. Sourced from reliable manufacturers such as AMPHENOL, TE CONNECTIVITY, CORSAIR and others they are offered in different sizes,  shell styles, materials and finishes. Designed for rugged reliability, they provide excellent vibration, corrosion and shock resistance, and offer excellent EMI protection and shielding effectiveness. Please refer to the supplied documentation for additional information.


HUBER+SUHNER RG400/U RF Flexible Coaxial Cables have an outer diameter of 4.95 mm, and a dielectric diameter of 2.95 mm. They are are double shielded and made from dielectric PTFE material and FEP sheath with a copper stranded wire silver-plated 1 mm diameter conductor. They feature an impedance of 50 ohms and a frequency range up to 6 GHz. Weight: 0.064 kg per meter. They are priced and sold in meters, in rolls of 100 meters each unless otherwise mentioned. For additional information please refer to the supplied documentation.

RG 58A-U Coaxial Cable...

Standard cable for avionics installations in experimental aircraft. Single shielded stranded conductor, jacket type - PVC. It is priced and sold by the foot and it is offered as cut to order in 10 ft increments.


Harbour Industries is a QPL approved manufacturer of high temperature, high performance PTFE dielectric coaxial cables supplied in accordance with the MIL-DTL-17 specification. They are high temperature, high performance constructions exhibiting high dielectric strength and low capacitance in proportion to the cable’s dielectric constant with tolerances tighter than the MIL-DTL-17 specification to ensure uniformity of electrical characteristics, especially impedance, attenuation, and VSWR. They are priced and sold by the foot and are offered as cut to order in 10 ft increments.

Product Specifications:

Please refer to the attached table.


RG 400 (aka M17/128*) cables are high temperature coaxial cables used in a wide variety of military and commercial applications.

Sourced from quality suppliers, these cables are offered as part of our own label (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) product lines and are intended for use in tactical operations and aerospace applications. They are are double shielded and made from dielectric PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) material and fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) Type IX sheath with a solid copper stranded wire silver-plated conductor. They feature an impedance of 50 +/-2 ohms and an operating temperature range -55 °C ... +200 °C. They are priced and sold in feet. They come with Certificate of Conformance (CoC) and test reports. For additional information please refer to the supplied documentation

(*) M17/128 is a military part number used as equivalent to the RG400 cable. The the specifications and testing of military coaxial cables, including RG400, are very rigorous requiring their manufacturers to test attenuation and structural return loss by sweeping 22 different 50-ohm cables over the frequency band for which their use is recommended.