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Hoses, Non Metal Piping, Fittings & Related Materials

Hoses, non metal piping, ductings, sleeves, fittings of AN/MS or other specifications  and related materials for different uses. For metal pipes/tubes please refer to the Metals Section.

Hoses, Non Metal Piping, Fittings & Related Materials

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BRP-ROTAX® Aircraft Engine...

ROTAX® aircraft engines form part of the product portfolio  of BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG which develops and manufactures engines for snowmobiles, watercrafts, boats, roadsters, all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles, motorcycles, carts, and aircrafts.

BRP-ROTAX® product range includes certified and non certified internal combustion engines, parts and accessories for light and ultralight aircraft.

Different hoses and related fittings are used in BRP-ROTAX® aircraft engines including water, heat, air intake, protection, form, connecting, low pressure and others. They are offered as certified or non certified parts from the manufacturer. Non certified parts can be used in ultralights or other aircraft not requiring certification of parts for their installation. Certified parts are designated by the letters "CERT" in the product reference number (SKU). ROTAX engine hoses are generally sold in meters and appearing prices are per meter but some hoses of specific dimensions and fittings are sold in pieces.

Aircraft engine  parts are subject to changes from time to time. Some parts may be no longer available or replaced by others with different part numbers. Listed BRP-ROTAX® engine parts do not imply their current availability or suitability for your engine application. Always consult the most recent Illustrated Part Catalogs (IPCs) or other documentation available from the manufacturer for the correct part number before ordering.

MIL-DTL-6000D Series...

MIL-DTL 6000D Soft Flexible Aircraft Fuel, Oil, Water & Alcohol Rubber Hose. Burst PSI: 1000. They replace the respective MIL-DTL 6000C hoses and are available in different internal and outer diameters in inches. Priced and sold by the foot.


Eaton's Aeroquip® brand name represents quality and innovation in the aerospace industry and a wide range of options are available to meet the needs of aircraft OEM and maintenance engineers. Eaton’s Aeroquip hose, fittings, couplings and connectors are available for various pressures and applications. Lightweight and flexible rubber hoses, fittings & assemblies for aerospace applications qualified to industry standards are included within the company's product portfolio. The 306 Series is intended for low pressure while the 302A/303 Series (see separate product presentation) for medium pressure applications.

The 302A/303 medium pressure hose includes a seamless synthetic rubber compound inner tube with a single cotton braid reinforcement and a synthetic rubber outer cover. Operating temperatures: -65°F to +160°F (-53ºC to +71ºC). Used in air or vacuum instrument systems, automatic pilots and lines to pressure gauges used with these systems as specified in MS33620. Hose conforms to MIL-DTL-5593. Used with Aeroquip 491 hose fittings. Available in different tubing sizes and internal diameters in inches. Sold by the foot. Fittings are offfered in pieces and conform to MILDTL-38726 and MS27404 (superceding AN773). Hose assemblies conform to AN6270. For additional information please refer to the attached documentation.


EATON AEROQUIP wire reinforced synthetic rubber hoses are offered in different series (types) described below to meet respective application requirements. 

The AE701 hoses consist an upgraded version and a direct replacement for old 601 ones, widely used for aircraft fuel and oil lines where flexibility and light weight are prime considerations. They are made from specially formulated synthetic rubber  inner tube with two layers of stainless steel wire outer braid reinforcement.  Because of their lighter weight and lower operating pressure than type 303 hose, AE701 hoses are not recommended for hydraulic lines. The AE501 hoses are AE701 hoses overlaid with a blue braided chafeguard cover of tough polyester yarn. Both AE701 and  AE501 hoses meet MIL-H-83797, TSO C53a,Type A specification.

The AE401 series hoses are AE701 hoses with an integral cover of silicone rubber compound. They meet MIL-H-83797, TSO C53a,Type C specification.

Product Features:


Light weight

Non-age sensitive (no shelf life)

Fluid temperatures: -65°F (-54°C) to +300°F (+149°C)

TSO C53a, Type A and Type C approvals (with fire sleeve)

Mil-Spec Approvals: MIL-H-83796/1 through MIL-H-83796/9 Assemblies & MIL-H-83797 Hose, MIL-F-83798 Fittings

Field attachable fittings

Applications:  fuel, engine oil and coolants. 

Available in different tubing sizes and internal diameters in inches. Priced and sold by the foot.

For additional information please refer to the supplied documentation ot contact us.


EATON AEROQUIP 491 and 471 hose fittings consist of an AN818 style nut, an externally threaded 37 nipple and an internally threaded hose socket. Fittings of sizes 3 through 6 have nuts and nipples of cadmium plated steel. Nuts and nipples for size 8 and larger are of anodized aluminum. Fittings conform to MS24587. Available in different tube and thread sizes in inches.


The EATON AEROQUIP AE102 Aerospace  Firesleeve was specially developed to meet the fire resistance requirements of FAA TSO C53a or TSO-C75. This firesleeve can be indentified by its orange colored outer surface.  It can be used for all fuel, oil, hydraulic, fire extinguisher & propeller feathering lines for "Fire-proof"(*)  hose lines functioning effectively within a continuous operating temperature range of -65F to +450F (-54C to +232C). It is denser and more tightly woven and has more fiberglass than most of the competition. Even the thickness of the protective silicone is better. Available in different internal diameters in inches. Sold by the foot.

The EATON AEROQUIP AE102 can be used with EATON AEROQUIP hoses and 900591B clamps to secure firesleeve material on each end over the basic hose assembly. Please refer to chart for correct size or contact us for additional information. 

(*) Conforming with FAA requirements, "Fire-resistant"hose  lines must withstand a 5-minute exposure under specified flow conditions without failure. "Fire-proof" hose lines must withstand a direct flame for 15 minutes.

VENA HT Series Flexible...

VENA® HT Series flexible  hoses (SCAT equivalent) are  made of one layer of glass fabric silicone coated and visible steel wire  spiral inside. For use in conducting extremely cold or hot air (temperature range: -65°F to +550°F). Available in different internal diameters in inches. Sold by the foot.


The EATON AEROQUIP FC300 are AQP elastomer hoses with a blue, abrasion-resistant fabric cover with single wire braid reinforcement over a synthetic rubber inner tube for longer life. The FC300 hoses are designed for high pressure fluid applications such as power steering, hydraulics, air, fuel, lubricating oils, fire resistant hydraulic fluids and other industrial fluids. They are also suitable for biodiesel use up to B20 and max temperature of 212°F (100°C). Available in different internal diameters in inches and for use in different maximum operating pressures (psi). Priced and sold by the foot.

Indicative Applications:

Power steering lines





Lubricating oils

Over the wall air tool

Dot-approved air brake

Max operating pressure is 2250 psi

Operating Temperature Range

-55°F to +302°F (-49°C to +150°C)

Air not to exceed +250°F [+121°C]


(1) The FC300 Hose only works with FC300 steel fittings (to be ordered separately). Easily assembles with a bench vise and/or wrenches.

(2) FC300-32 and FC300-40 hoses DO NOT meet SAE 100R5 pressure with reusable fittings. FC300-32 is rated to 350 psi with crimp fittings. 

EATON AEROQUIP Carbon Steel...

EATON AEROQUIP 2" carbon steel adapter, female NPT swivel to male NPT straight pipe. Thread: 2-11-1/2".  Zinc plated for strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Complies with SAE 140130 standard. Available in multiple sizes. Sold individually.

Product Features

National Pipe Straight Mechanical (NPSM) female adapter for connecting a pipe to an National Pipe Thread (NPT) female

Female NPSM threads on one end and male NPT threads on the other end for connecting two threaded pipes

Carbon Steel for weldability and greater resistance to rust than iron

Standard duty for light to medium pressure applications

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)-compliant for SAE standards J512, J513, J514, J1926 and J1453 for functional requirements

Product Specifications

Part Number: 2045-32-32S

Description: 2" Internal Pipe Swivel (NPSM) External Pipe

Shape: Straight

Fitting Type: Adapter

Connector Type: NPSM Female X NPT Male

Female Pipe NPSM Swivel Dash Size: 32

Male Pipe NPTF Dash Size: 32

Material Carbon Steel

Plating Zinc Plated 

Thread:  2-11 1/2 / 2-11 1/2

Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 3 in.

Standard: SAE 140130

Shipping Weight: 1.7 lbs


SAE-AS5174/MS24392/AN815 series union, flared tube fittings are available in different materials, tube outer diameters and thread sizes in inches. AN815 series fittings are superseded by the respective fittings of SAE International, standard AS5174 series.

Materials include: Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRES), Titanium Alloy.

The following Code Letters after the AS5174 indicate the composition of the fitting while the remaining digits in the Part Number indicate the fitting dimensions in inches.:

No code letter in part number for Carbon Steel

Code letter “D” for Aluminum Alloy (except 7075-T73)

Code letter “J” for CRES, type 304

Code letter “K” for CRES, type 316

Code letter “R” for CRES, type 321

Code letter “S” for CRES, type 347

Code letter “T” for Titanium Alloy 6AL-4V

Code letter “W” for Aluminum Alloy 7075-T73

Code letter “Z” for Carbon Steel, Zinc plated

For example, AS5174D0606 union fitting is made from Aluminum Alloy with a tubing outer diameter (O.D.) 3/8" and a 0.5625-18 UNJF thread. The corresponding union fitting in AN832 series would be AN815-6D.

AN Fitting AN816 Aluminum...

AN816 nipple fitting is available in steel or aluminum in different tube outer diameters and pipe sizes in inches. Aluminum fittings are designated by the letter "D" after the suffix number.