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Sensata Technologies, Inc. (formerly Texas Instruments Sensors & Controls) is a supplier of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions.

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The KLIXON® PS series 2 to 35 Amp precision thermal circuit breakers by SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES Inc. (formerly Texas Instruments Sensors & Controls) are designed to interrupt short circuits or overloads and combines trip-free protection with fast response time. They feature a bi-metallic snap-acting disc as the sensing element and they are widely used in production and military aircraft where precise ultimate trip characteristics are required. Models PSM and PSM-N are available in the following ampere ratings 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35. When ordering specify if neck-mounting style is wanted by placing “N” after ampere rating. Example: PSM-10N

The KLIXON® PDL series thermal breakers are designed to meet the harshest environmental requirements. They are weatherproof for protection against moisture, dust, grease, fuel vapors, and other harsh environments. For weatherproof circuit breakers in ratings from 50 to 150 amperes, order Model PDLM. 


The KLIXON® 7277 series circuit breakers are the commercial grade version of the 7274 series circuit breakers  which are small, lightweight, low amperage devices that are specifically designed to protect aircraft/aerospace cable and components in airborne vehicles and equipment. The KLIXON® 7277 series circuit breakers are physically and electrically identical to the 7274-2 military grade circuit breakers, with the exception that the 7277 series has wider calibration limits.  Klixon® 7277 series breakers have been designed for applications that do not require the tighter performance characteristics and approvals of 7277-2 series military circuit breakers. 

Originally developed as an alternative to slow blow fuses, the trip–free 7277 series breakers are used extensively as primary electrical circuit protection on general aviation aircraft. The wider calibration limits of the 7277 has also resulted in applications including protection for data processing and telecommunications equipment, computers, flight simulators, construction, material handling and other industrial,electronic equipment. Suitable for use on trainer / simulator applications where all breakers are operated on low ampere control current, different ampere rating inserts (amp ratings on top of push button) can be ordered.

KLIXON® 7277 series circuit breakers' features include:

• Miniature size

• Light weight

• Trip–free design

• Current rating: 0.5 to 20 amps

• High vibration resistance

• Options include: dust boot (part #14500-1 fits 15/32 bushing, part #14500-5 fits 7/16 bushing), auxiliary switch, terminal hardware, longer push button.

For additional information please consult the supplied documentation.


The KLIXON® 7270/7271 series circuit breakers were designed to utilize less behind panel space while protecting wire and cable in aircraft and ground support equipment on either 120 VAC, 400 Hz or 30 VDC systems.

These circuit breakers are available with neck mounting (7270-1 and 7271-8) or standard cover plate (7270-7 and 7271-3). In each of these KLIXON® circuit breakers, the bi-metallic element assures uniform current distribution throughout its responsive area. This design reduces current density at the critical areas, resulting in an element having a much higher interrupting capability than conventional design. Inherently resistant to shock and vibration, the KLIXON® disc element is capable of precise calibration settings and will retain the initial calibration within close tolerances throughout the service life of the breaker. Both circuit breakers have conventional actuator action; i.e., the toggle actuator on the 7270 moves to the OFF position for trip indication and the button the 7271 pops out. A standard black button with a white collar is used. For additional information please refer to the attached documentation.