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Manufacturer of Ballistic Rescue Systems (BRS) and Rescue Parachutes for experimental, light sport and ultralight aircraft and paraglidiers/handgliders.

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MAGNUM aircraft rescue ballistic parachute systems are manufactured by STRATOS 07 S.R.O with knowledge and long experience in the construction of system components including rocket motors. They include different series produced for many years (like 450, 450 Speed, 501, 601) & newer certificated rescue systems like Magnum 1201 & 1401 for heavier aircraft and higher deployment speeds. They are intended for use in hang-gliding, paragliding, powered hang-gliding, powered paragliding,  unpowered and powered gliders,  gyroplanes as well as a wide range of two- and multi-seat airplanes and helicopters, including Light Sport, Experimental and Ultralights with a maximum 3,960 pounds gross weight, and deployment speeds of up to 199 MPH. Magnum Ballistic Parachutes come in sofpacks or canisters. Rescue systems packed in the softpack are usually installed inside of the aircraft. Rescue systems packed in a duralminium container are installed mostly outside of the aircraft.

Please refer to tables of specifications and notes below for the selection of a right rescue system.


The max take-off weight of the aircraft MUST NOT EXCEED the max allowable load of the rescue system.

If the aircraft Vne exceeds the max limiting speed for the rescue system deployment, mounting of the system should be done so that the pilot is informed of this speed.

MAGNUM ballistic parachute systems  are packaged in two parcels (one containing the parachute and the second containing the rocket). Because of the rocket, Haz-Mat shipping is required.

Appearing prices of MAGNUM rescue systems DO NOT INCLUDE cords between parachute and fuselage which are SOLD SEPARATELY. During the order, the length of activating cord from parachute to fuselage must be indicated. Other parts and accessories are also available at additional cost.