Manufacturer of electronic fuel pumps Facet® and Purolator® brands used in many industries such as automotive, agriculture, construction, utility, generators, military, marine, power sport, refrigeration and much more.

Active filters


FACET® and PUROLATOR® are both brands of MOTOR COMPONENTS, LLC. a manufacturer of electronic fuel pumps  and filtration products. The company is a global leader in the electronic fuel pump industry. FACET® and PUROLATOR® products are known for their high quality and dependability. 

Starting with fuel filters, FACET® and PUROLATOR® filter range has expanded to include oil filters, hydraulic fluid filters, air filters and water filters to their lineup.  FACET® and PUROLATOR® fuel and other aircraft filters have a pleated design to maximize the filtration surface for faster, more efficient filtration. They carry a  FAA-PMA approval and can be used in a variety of aircraft applications providing reliable, long-lasting and proven to work filtration solutions. Sold in pieces or packs of 10 pieces each. They come with Certificate of Conformance as standard. If additional certification is needed, manufacturer's certification and a FAA Export 8130-3 form can be provided with any qualifying filter item at extral cost.  In this case please select listed products with the extension "CERT" in the product reference code (SKU) from our offered items.

FACET® GOLD-FLO Solid State...

FACET® and PUROLATOR® fuel pumps are manufactured and branded by MOTOR COMPONENTS, LLC. These pumps should not be used in aircraft as they are not designed, tested or manufactured for any aircraft applications.

FACET® GOLD-FLO solid state fuel pumps are UL  and VCA certified and compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, blended alcohol fuels and fuel additives. Suitable for 12/14V electric systems according to the selected version.

The new FACET® GOLD-FLO Solid State fuel pumps are enhanced versions of respective Interrupter models. They feature a solid state circuitry, meet or exceed all performance specifications and are totally interchangeable. These pumps have demonstrated an endurance life almost double that of the nearest competitor, according to manufacturer test data. 

The FACET® GOLD-FLO Solid State fuel pumps are easy to install and service. Two bolt mounting makes installations easy. Nothing to adjust. For best results, mount the pump close to the fuel tank and below the fuel level. The pump is self-priming to 24 inches vertical fuel lift. Vertical mounting is preferred to assure maintenance of rated pressures. The only service normally required is a simple cleaning of the filter and fuel inlet cavity. An installation kit is available for replacement applications. When properly installed on most vehicles a constant, smooth, dependable supply of fuel under pressure is assured in the hottest weather or in high altitudes eliminating vapor lock.

FACET® GOLD-FLO Fuel Pump Product Features:

12 - 24 inches dry lift

20 - 45 GPH

1 - 8 PSI

Transient Protection - 24 volt only

State of the art Electronics

Sealed Electronics

Built in Anti-Siphon Valve (Positive shut-off)

UL Certified

VCA Certified

Complies to Mil-std-461D

Replaceable 74 micron filter

Built in magnet to collect metal particles for additional filtration

1.6 amp average

Self Priming and Self Regulating

32 ounces and 5 inches

Corrosion Resistant over 100 hours of salt spray

Operating Temperature Range: -40F to 180F