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RADIALL designs, develops, and manufactures connectors and associated components for use in electronic applications. The company offers interconnect components, including radio frequency/coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies, microwave components and cable assemblies, microwave switches, and multipin connectors. It serves the aerospace, defense, industrial, instrumentation, telecom, space and medical markets.

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Used on most major civil and military programs, RADIALL™ DSX Series ARINC 404/SAE-AS81659 Connectors offer a proven solution to electrically connect equipment rack to avionics equipment. The DSX series are multipin, rack and panel style connectors designed to electrically connect equipment racks to avionics equipment. Typically the plug is installed on the avionics rack and the receptacle on the equipment box. Applications include commercial and military aircraft and helicopters, railway, radar systems, power circuits, in-flight electronic instrumentation and flight simulators.

Different DSX Series versions are outlined below:

DSX SAE AS81659, available in four shell sizes (1, 2, 3 & 4) with environmental and non-environmental versions as well as EMI/RFI options to improve shielding effectiveness. DSX SAE AS81659 connectors cover both civil and military applications.

DSX ARINC 404 shell type A and B are the original connectors, mainly dedicated today to commercial applications.

DSX-F and DSX-K receptacles, RADIALL™ solution for front release front removable (FR/FR) contacts to facilitate installation and maintenance. Fully intermateable with ARINC 404 type B and SAE AS81659 plugs, they offer the same characteristics as SAE AS81659 connectors.

Shell types are plugs and receptacles made from an aluminum alloy with cadmium yellow chromate or nickel plating options. Mismating is prevented by a polarizing system which provides 216 polarizing positions. For military part numbers, applicable polarizing position range goes from 00 through 99 only. Inserts are offered in various contact arrangements accommodating rear release, rear removable signal (size 22) power (sizes 5, 12, 16 & 20HD), coaxial (sizes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 15), concentric twinax (sizes 5 & 9) triax (sizes 5 & 9) contacts in crimp, wire wrap or PC tail termination. Radiall’s 29504 fiber optic termini are also available. With numerous configurations and a wide variety of contacts and accessories, the  RADIALL™ DSX Series offers for both OEMs and aircraft manufacturers robust and high performance solutions fully compliant to SAE AS81659 specifications listed on the qualified product list (QPL)as well as ARINC 404 commercial connectors.

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