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STOMIL-POZNAŃ S.A. is a tire manufacturer producing original tires for aviation and other applications including tires used in most Polish sailplanes including Jantar, Puchaz and PW-5. Popular tire sizes are 350x135, 200x80 and 255x110. The company is also the leading Polish manufacturer of OTR tires for the mining industry.

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STOMIL-POZNAŃ S.A. is a tire manufacturer producing All-Terrain (AT) tires designed to perform on- and off-road, providing traction and comfort in different surface conditions. STOMIL tires are used in aviation as well other sectors such as the mining industry. STOMIL tires are installed in most Polish gliders and aircraft including; Jantar, Puchaz, PW–5, etc. They are offered in different versions (Wersja) and sizes with  350x135, 200x80 and 255x110 being the most popular ones. Different STOMIL tubes are also offered for use with the company tires.

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