List of products by brand SILICON MICROSTRUCTURES, INC. (SMi Sensors)

Silicon Microstructures Inc. (now part of TE Connectivity) is a semiconductor sensor company developing and manufacturing MEMS based SMi pressure sensors to cover respective application needs in the automotive, medical, and industrial markets requiring ultra-low pressure ranges, extraordinary robustness in harsh environments, very high pressure, and extremely small size.

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The Silicon Microstructures SM5882 series of OEM pressure sensorscombines state-of-the-art pressure sensor technology with CMOS mixed signal processing technology to produce an amplified, fully conditioned, multi-order pressure and temperature compensated sensor in a small SO16 plastic package. The model SM5882 is designed for operating pressure ranges at 0.6 PSI and 1.5 PSI. Typically used in medical instrumentation, pneumatic control, gas flow and HVAC applications. 

Product Features

CMOS digital signal processor technology

Calibrated pressure available through I²C-Bus-Interface

Analog output signal ratiometric with supply voltage

Differential pressure applications with +/- pressure

EEPROM stored individual correction data

SO-16 package for surface mount

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