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SKYBOLT® stainless cowling fastener kits replace the old parts from other manufacturers originally installed on aircraft cowlings and access panels with exclusive SKYBOLT® CLoc®, ZLoc®, or ALoc® style stainless steel fasteners manufactured by SKYBOLT®. SKYBOLT® Cloc style fasteners are compatible with Camloc and are available in 2000 and 4000 series. ZLoc fasteners are compatible with Dzus and Aloc fasteners with Airloc ones. In addition SKYBOLT® SK2003 plate mounts upgrades those of J 7444 series commonly used in Cessna aircraft. SKYBOLT® kits for different aircraft models and year of construction are offered to cover all panels or certain portions of the engine cowling. The SKYBOLT® Cowling Fastener Kits will usually contain more of a selection than the aircraft may actually require so that a replacement project can efficiently move from start to finish. Other kits like the Trim and Fuel Tank Kit are also available.

Note: Alternative kits from competition may include less fasteners than those required for the replacement project. It is recommended that kit evaluations and price comparisons should be made on the basis of the hardware included in each kit.