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Avionics for general aviation and flight test equipment

RS Flight Systems GmbH develops and manufactures avionics for general aviation and flight test equipment

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The RS FLIGHT SYSTEMS 2nd generation Rotax 912iS / 915iS EMU family includes 2 cockpit mounted engine monitoring, data logging & propeller control devices, EMU 912iS evo & EMU 9xiS. Both feature the same hardware, software and functionality but differ in dimensions and weight. They integrate seamlessly into the Rotax 912iS/915iS engine wiring harness, providing indications of all available engine parameters, engine status, ECU faults and additional sensor inputs. Suitable for 14 V and 28 V aircraft electrical systems with minimum installation effort. Configurable for use with different unit systems. Additional features: sunlight-readable backlit display, dual optically isolated CANaerospace data bus interfaces for retained redundancy, continuous monitoring and health checking of both ECU display buses, georeferenced data recording of all parameters at 10 Hz over up to 2,000 hours, simple data transfer & software update via an integrated memory card slot, sophisticated visualization & processing tool for recorded data, Google Earth file export of recorded data inc. GNSS and engine data. A separate module (sold separately) provides connection to 912/914 carburetor Rotax engines.