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FAA-PMA approved replacement aircraft parts including pneumatic system components, brake wear parts, propeller de-ice products and fuel pumps

Manufacturer of quality FAA-PMA approved replacement aircraft parts. RAPCO product line includes pneumatic system components, brake wear parts, propeller de-ice products and fuel pumps

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RAPCO Organic & Metallic...

RAPCO produces quality FAA-PMA approved replacement organic and metallic brake linings for Cleveland and McCauley brake assemblies on most general aviation aircraft. Organic linings are actually made from a semi metallic mix. RAPCO combines brass, copper and Kevlar fibers with a high temperature binding compound to provide outstanding performance and long service life. Most RAPCO organic linings have a built in wear indicator, which reduces the risk of damage to the brake disc and helps to optimize lining life. RAPCO organic linings are available in boxes of 10 or in organic lining kits containing the proper number of linings and rivets necessary for replacement on Cleveland or McCauley brake assemblies. They are convenient to have on hand when the need for relining occurs. Metallic lining replacements for the Cleveland brake assemblies are made of sintered steel, a specially developed process that fuses metallic particles to a steel carrier plate. RAPCO metallic linings offer long life and excellent braking performance. Please refer to the attached Application Guide for additional information.

RAPCO FAA/PMA'd Aircraft...

The RAPCO Dry Air Vacuum/Pressure pumps are are FAA approved quality and performance pumps intended for use as direct replacements of respective models of AIRBORNE and AERO ACCESSORIES (AA) in vacuum or pressure system applications. They are offered as NEW or OVERHAULED.

The NEW RAPCO Air Vacuum/Pressure pumps are FAA-PMA approved and have an inspection port for monitoring vane wear and determine when replacement is needed. An oil seal on the main shaft helps to prevent oil from entering and damaging the pump. Cooling fins reduce operating temperatures and help to extend pump life. They are internally coated with a special Mil-Spec. hard lube coating reducing friction and wear. The carbon rotor has also been improved by chamfering the leading edges of the vane slots reducing failure due to foreign object damage. With every pump, RAPCO includes a mounting gasket and vane measuring caliper. Fittings not included. There is no core charge when purchasing a new RAPCO dry air pump.  Manufacturers warranty on the 200 series is three years / 1300 hours. The warranty period on the 240 and the 400 series is 1 year / 500 hours, which ever comes first. There is no Core Charge on new pumps. 

The OVERHAULED RAPCO pumps are FAA approved and come with an FAA form 8130-3. Mounting gasket included. The warranty period for the 200 series is two years / 1000 hours. The warranty period for the 240 and the 400 series is one year / 400 hours, which ever comes first. Core charge applies. Please refer to the attached documentation for additional information.

The RAPCO Model RA215CC Dry Air Pump is used in ROTAX® 912 UL, 912 ULS and 914 UL engines. This pump replaces the old model 211CC and can also be used in other engines listed below:

Textron Lycoming: O-235, O-290, O-320, O-360, O-435, O-540, IO-320, IO-360, IO-540, IO-720, TIO-360, TIO-540, GO-480, GSO-480

Continental: O-300, GO-300, IO-360, TSIO-360, TSIO-520, GTSIO-520

The RAPCO Model RA215CC-9  replaces the old model 211CC-9. It is the most common model in General Aviation applications using the O-200 engine. This pump can be used with Continental C90-16F, all 0-200 engines and most Lycoming O-320 engines installed on Cessna 150s, 172s, etc.

The RAPCO Model RA216CW replaces the old models 212CW, 216CW and RAPCO P/N RA212CW. This pump can be used with a wide range of aircraft engines including Textron Lycoming LIO-360, GO-435, TIO-541 and Continental E-185, E-225, IO-346, O-470, IO-470, TSIO-470 and IO-520.

RAPCO OEM Replacement...

Modern reciprocating-engine aircraft (especially large and high-performance ones) use electrically operated auxiliary fuel  boost and transfer pumps  to keep fuel moving toward the aircraft engine or move fuel between tanks to balance aircraft weight. Centrifugal boost pumps,  electric motor driven,  are the most common type and  are used to supply,back up the engine-driven fuel pump or transfer fuel between tanks if the aircraft is so designed. They are  most frequently  submerged in the fuel tank or located just outside of the bottom of the tank with the inlet of the pump extending into the tank. Cartridge/canister or in-tank mounted pumps supply fuel to the aircraft engine while reverse flow through the pump is prevented by check valves. The cartridge/canister design allows removal of the pump cartridge without draining the fuel tank. If the pump is mounted outside the tank, a pump removal valve is typically installed so the pump can be removed without draining the fuel tank.

The RAPCO FAA-PMA approved pumps are offered as direct replacements of the respective pumps by OEMs  such as PARKER AIRBORNE or DUKES (please refer to their separate product presentations). The letters " RA" in the beginning of the RAPCO part number are used to denote the correlation of RAPCO part number to the OEM part number. They incorporate modern design, materials, and manufacturing processes to provide high quality and performance fuel pumps at competitive prices. 

These pumps can be furnished  as NEW or OVERHAUL EXCHANGE, namely new or overhauled pumps in exchange of existing customer owned units (cores). In all exchange cases,  the  full selling price of the ordered unit is charged and the core credit is refunded or credited towards future orders with us when our co-operating supplier verifies that the unit is in a reasonable serviceable condition. In the case of overhauled pumps, these are overhauled in accordance with FAA-approved process specification and come with a FAA Form 8130-3. All  RAPCO fuel pumps are thoroughly tested for guaranteed pump performance, with a worldwide distribution and a full warranty (same as OEM). For additional information please consult the supplied documentation (*) or contact us.

(*) The supplied documentation is to be used for reference only. When selecting a part for installation consult the appropriate aircraft maintenace manual, parts catalogue, or equipment list for approved data.   

RAPCO FAA-PMA Approved...

RAPCO manufactures FAA-PMA approved pneumatic filter replacements for airborne assemblies. RAPCO filters are constructed to the highest industry standards. They utilize a 0.3 micron filtration media which provides superior filtration without undue air flow restriction. They help proper filtration of destructive contamination within an aircraft environment (such as system dirt and dust from the cabin and cigarette smoke) which often lead to the need for replacement of expensive gyro instruments & other components.  When changed on a scheduled basis they can reduce operating costs. 

RAPCO FAA-PMA approved RA-B3-5-1 Garter Filter Element is a filter replacement part for use on Airborne 133 & 2H3 series regulators and 1J1 series filter assemblies.

Product Specifications:

Garter Filter Element

Polyurethane foam, 1” long x 1-3/4” diam. 

For use on Airborne 133 & 2H3 series regulators and 1J1 series filter assemblies.

Recommended Replacement: 100 hours/ 1 year

RAPCO FAA-PMA approved D-9-18-1 Central Air Filter Element replacement is intended for use with Airborne 1J7-1 filter assembles, for vacuum systems

Product Specifications:

Central Air Filter Element.

Pleated filter, screen with bonded rubber end seals. 

3-1/4” long x 2-7/8 diam. 

For use with Airborne 1J7-1 filter assembles, for vacuum systems

Recommended Replacement: 500 hours/ 1 year


The products are supplied with a standard Certificate of Conformance. If an FAA/EASA Form is needed (depending on the ordered item) please mention this during the order placement. In this case. Additional charges may apply.