• CHERRY CHERRYMAX Blind Rivets Specifications
  • CHERRY CHERRYMAX Blind Rivets Specifications


Blind Rivets are multi-piece rivet assemblies, capable of being installed from one side of the workpiece.Traditionally, blind rivets were used on aircraft leading edges, trailing edges, and close out areas which are limited to access to one side of the structure.  Current blind rivet usage has expanded to many additional areas of the aircraft in an effort to decrease labor expense and to address the ergonomic issues of solid riveting.

The CherryMAX® rivet by CHERRY® AEROSPACE is the most reliable, high strength structural fastener with visual inspectability in the world today.  It features the "Safe-lock" locking collar for more reliable joint integrity, and meets the requirements of PS-CMR-3000. CherryMAX® fasteners are currently available in 1/8" through 1/4" diameters in both nominal (CR3212 and CR3213 Series) and 1/64" oversize diameters (CR3242 and CR3243 Series). 

Please refer to the supplied documentation and the Product Description section for detailed information on CherryMAX® rivet and other blind rivets manufactured by CHERRY® AEROSPACE. 

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CHERRY® AEROSPACE manufactures different  rivets listed below together with a brief presentation of their features.

CherryMAX® "Bulbed" Rivet

CherryMAX® "AB" "Wiredraw" Rivet

Cherry® 1900

Cherry SST® Blind Rivet

CherryLOCK® "Bulbed" Rivet

CherryLOCK® "Wiredraw" Rivet

CherryLOCK® "A" Nut Plate Rivet

Cherry® Pull Through Nut Plate Rivet

Cherry® Tacking Rivet

Cherry SPR® 3/32" Self-Plugging Rivet

Cherry® MS Rivet

Cherry MBC® Rivet

Chobert® Rivet


CherryMAX® "Bulbed" Rivet

Bulbed CherryMAX® 

CherryMAX® is a locked spindle blind rivet with a visibly inspectable mechanical locking device and its own installation washer, which eliminates the problems resulting from worn tool anvils. It is called a "bulbed" fastener due to its large blind side bearing surface, developed during the installation process. CherryMAX® rivets are used in thin sheet applications and for use in materials that may be damaged by other types of blind rivets. The CherryMAX® rivet is the most reliable, high strength structural fastener with visual inspectability in the world today.  It features the "Safe-lock" locking collar for more reliable joint integrity.

The CherryMAX® rivet is the most reliable, high strength structural fastener with visual inspectability in the world today.  It features the "Safe-lock" locking collar for more reliable joint integrity, and meets the requirements of PS-CMR-3000.

CherryMAX® tooling provides the simplest, most trouble-free installation tooling system. CherryMAX® fasteners are currently available in 1/8" through 1/4" diameters in both nominal and 1/64" oversize diameters. The tools use a single pulling head to install many diameters, head configurations, and material combinations.

Product Features:

CherryMAX® Rivets consist of four components, assembled as a single unit:

A fully-serrated stem with break notch, shear-ring and integral grip adjustment cone.

A driving anvil to ensure a visible mechanical lock with each fastener installation.

A separate, visible and inspectable locking collar that mechanically locks the stem to the rivet sleeve.

A rivet sleeve with recess in the head to receive the locking collar

Driving Anvil

A driving anvil is part of each CherryMAX® Rivet assembly. This Driving Anvil eliminates wear and replacement of expendable installation tool components, considerably extending the life of the installation tool.

It also allows a single pulling head to install:

1/8", 5/32", and 3/16" Nominal and Oversize Diameter Rivets.

Protruding, 100° Flush and 100° Flush Shear, Unisink, and 120° Flush Head Styles

All CherryMAX® Rivet grip lengths

All CherryMAX® Rivet sleeve/stem material combinations

Locking Collar

The CherryMAX® Rivet features the "Safe-lock" Locking Collar which enhances joint integrity and reliability.

The "Safe-lock" Locking Collar is preformed on the stem during a sub-assembly operation, then deforms into the rivet sleeve head recess during installation, locking the rivet sleeve and stem together.

The "Safe-lock" Locking Collar is visible and inspectable after installation.

The "Safe-lock" Locking Collar installs flush with the rivet sleeve head.

The "Safe-lock" Locking Collar has been approved by several OEMs for use in engine inlets and components.


The CherryMAX® Rivets are available in both nominal and 1⁄64" oversize shank diameters in four material combinations:

5056 Aluminum Sleeve/Alloy Steel Stem (50KSI Shear)

5056 Aluminum Sleeve/Cres Stem (50KSI Shear)

Monel Sleeve/Cres Stem (75KSI Shear)

INCO 600 Sleeve/INCO X-750 Stem (75KSI Shear)

Tooling Simplicity

Lightweight, non-shifting installation tools require no adjusting.

Limited access capability with Right Angle and Offset Pulling Heads and Extensions for greater reach and "Split" tools for special applications including automation and robotics.

Bulbed Blind Head

Provides a large bearing surface area on the blind side of the structure, giving dependable results, even when installed in difficult thin sheet stack-up applications.

CherryMAX® "AB" "Wiredraw" Rivet

CherryMax AAs part of the CherryMAX® family of proven fastener systems, CherryMAX® "AB" rivets are wiredrawing (shank expanding), locked-spindle, flush fracturing, structural rivets meeting the requirements of procurement specification NAS1400 and conforming to NAS1398 and NAS1399 "AB" code standard pages. These rivets provide excellent sheet take up and hole filling performance. "AB" code utilizes non-shift tooling that allows the use of one pulling head for multiple fastener diameters. Use with CherryMAX® tooling.

Cherry® 1900

Because of the increased use of composites in aerospace structures, the NAS1900 rivet has become a fastener of choice in many designs. The Cherry® 1900 further improves this design with the available Cherry Shift Washer that allows for more consistent fastener installations and extended tool life. This fastener also utilizes the Cherry "One Tool Concept to allow usage of existing tooling. The Cherry 1900 forms a large blind-side footprint that makes it suitable for composite structures. The flush-break capability eliminates the need for shaving. The Cherry 1900 is manufactured to meet NAS1919 and NAS1921 specifications and is available in all sizes and materials.

Cherry SST® Blind Rivet

SSTThe Cherry SST® Blind Rivet System was designed to solve many of the blind fastening problems associated with aircraft assemblies requiring superior sheet take-up. Installation of the SST Blind Rivet System ensures consistent and permanent fastening of difficult assemblies with inherent gapping or slightly misaligned holes. The SST Blind Rivet System can be installed with standard CherryMAX® tooling, with no adjustments needed. Eliminate sheet gaps in your toughest assemblies...use the SST Blind Fastening System for superior sheet take-up.

CherryLOCK® "Bulbed" Rivet

Bulbed CherryLOCK® rivets are locked spindle and flush fracturing structural rivets. They conform to Procurement Specification NAS1740 and standards pages NAS1738 and NAS1739.

Bulbed CherryLOCK® is a complete shear fastening system. Its features can be utilized for optimum strength and performance in both thick and thin sheets. It provides the highest possible design integrity, particularly in double dimple or thin backside sheet applications. CherryLOCK® hydroshift installation tool systems are required for installation.

CherryLOCK® "Wiredraw" Rivet

CherryLock WiredrawWiredraw CherryLOCK® Rivets are locked spindle flush fracturing structural rivets with a wide range of sizes, materials and strength levels. This fastener is especially suited for sealing applications and joints requiring excellent sheet take-up. It conforms to Procurement Specification NAS1400 and Standard Pages NAS1398 and 1399. CherryLOCK® hydroshift installation tool systems are required for installation.

CherryLOCK® "A" Nut Plate Rivet

3/32 NutPlate RivetCherryLOCK® "A" is a single action, mechanically locked, wire-drawing fastener that provides excellent hole-fill and sheet take-up capability conforming to Procurement Specification NAS 1400, and Standard Pages NAS 1398 and NAS 1399. It feature a full range of head styles, diameters and grip lengths for a variety of application requirements. It is available in A-286 CRES, Aluminum and Monel sleeve and stem combinations.

Cherry® Pull Through Nut Plate Rivet

NutPlate RivetCherry® Nut Plate Rivets are "pull-through" or "hollow" type rivets. They are used where the high shear strength of the self-plugging type of rivet is not required.  This design provides good clamp up and excellent hole filling characteristics, in an inexpensive rivet.  This rivet is primarily used in nut plate applications and meets the torque-out and push-out requirements of NASM25027 for nut plates. It is available in mild steel and A-286 stainless steel rivet sleeves, and meets MS20604 and MS20605 requirements.

Cherry® Tacking Rivet

The Cherry® Tacking Rivet provides simple blind rivet installation and troublefree removal. The Cherry® CCR284 is designed to improve drill-out by using external splines on the rivet shank to prevent rotation. The Cherry® Tacking Rivet is available with a 5056 aluminum sleeve and a C-1018 steel stem. Sleeve finishes include clear, red, or black anodize.

Cherry SPR® 3/32" Self-Plugging Rivet

SPRThe 3/32" SPR® Self-Plugging Rivet provides higher strength than pull through rivets, yet still is in the lower price range of nut plate rivets. The Cherry 3/32" SPR blind rivet is ideal for securing nut-plates located in non-accessible and hard to reach areas where bucking or squeezing of solid rivets is unacceptable. Developed to replace solid and pull through rivets in non-structural applications, the unique product design allows for a positive lock to be achieved without an additional lock ring component. Installed with single action tooling, the Cherry SPR stem breaks flush with the rivet head during installation.

Cherry® MS Rivet

MS RivetCherry® MS rivets have been a reliable standard of the industry ever since their introduction in 1937.  Although superseded in 1960 by the new locked spindle specifications NAS1400 and NAS1740, Cherry MS rivets are still widely used in manufacturing, maintenance and repair and meet the qualification requirements of Mil-R-7885 Type II.  Cherry MS rivets are manufactured with serrated stems.  The earlier, knob stem configuration is considered obsolete.  Cherry blind installation tools may be used to install these rivets merely by changing the pulling head.

Cherry MBC® Rivet

MBCCherry MBC® is a blind, flush break, locked spindle, structural  blind rivet available in aluminum and stainless steel materials.  It has a wide grip range, very good joint integrity, high strength-to-weight ratio, and  good hole fill.  The MBC is available with or without a lock creator.  The lock creator feature allows a single pulling head to install different diameters with one pulling head, as in the CherryMAX® type rivet.

Chobert® Rivet (*)

Chobert® is the original high-speed riveting system used extensively throughout the fabrication industry for assembly of material, including metals, plastics and ceramics. The Chobert system, is a mandrel-loaded feed system using one mandrel with multiple rivets loaded in sequence for high speed riveting. Lightweight fabrications are assembled without damage to these materials, and consistent performance is achieved every time.

 (*) Chobert® is a trademark of Avdel UK Limited.


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7616991099 Aluminum articles (Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Cotters, Cotter Pins, Washers and similar)
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