NYCO TURBONYCOIL® 98 Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil
  • NYCO TURBONYCOIL® 98 Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil
  • NYCO TURBONYCOIL 98 Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil
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NYCO TURBONYCOIL® 98 Synthetic Gas Turbine Engine Oil SKU: NYCO-TEO-GT-TN98

Turbine engine oils (abbreviated as TEOs), also known as jet oils, turbo oils are specialty lubricants designed to support the operation of turbine engines. Apart from their lubricating function of the engine, including the gearbox, shafts and associated accessories for their protection from damage and their smooth operation, TEOs have two additional functions. Their various additives protect the components from corrosion, and filter contaminants in the engine such as carbon deposits formed from a process known as coking. In addition, they are used as heat transfer fluids, cooling the engine in temperatures reaching 1000°C, in turn extending the life of the oil up to 25,000 hours of operation. TEOs have been initially developed as mineral and and subsequently innovated to synthetic.

NYCO TURBONYCOIL® 98 (analog to B-3V & TU 38 101295-85) is a synthetic ester-based oil for aircraft gas turbine engines and helicopter reducers. Formerly known as Castrol® 98, this oil is produced under a license agreement between NYCO S.A. and Castrol Limited (today part of Air BP). 

Made of a polyalkyleneglycol thickened diester it contains specific additives to improve its anti-oxidant properties. It is a lubricating oil with a viscosity of 7.5 cSt at 100°C. It is intended for the lubrication of some aircraft and marine turbine engines as well as accessory equipment, particularly on turboprop engines where a high viscosity oil is required to protect the gears from heavy wear. TURBONYCOIL®  98 is widely used on Russian-made helicopters as lubricant of the engine and the main rotor gearbox and complies with with the major requirements of Russian specifications TU 38 101295-85 and  B-3V. Compared to Castrol® 98, TURBONYCOIL® 98 contains the Captax additive preventing precipitation during application.

Offered in different packaging options including pails of 20 liters, flank containers of 50 liters and barrels of 215 liters each. Appearing price is per liter (l/lt).

For additional information please refer to the attached documentation.

NYCO and ANDEROL® ROYCO® oils, greases, fluids and specialty products are used in aircraft of Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers meeting t he corresponding specifications. Most of their products are included in our offered product range and can be furnished through our current network of co-operating suppliers. Please refer to the supplied table(s) listing their respective products or contact us.

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NYCO TURBONYCOIL 98 Technical Data Sheet

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NYCO TURBONYCOIL® 98 Gas Turbine Engine Oil MSDS (Russian)

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