ACS MIL-C-27500 Shielded Wires
  • ACS MIL-C-27500 Shielded Electrical Wire (Single Conductor)
  • ACS MIL-C-27500 Shielded Wires

ACS MIL-C-27500 Shielded Electrical Wire (Single Conductor) SKU: ACS-WIRESHD-MIL-C-27500

Top quality shielded & jacketed aircraft wire by ACS  conforming to MIL-C-27500 specification which replaces MIL-C-7078/3. It incorporates MIL-W-22759/18 basic wire and features a Tefzel insulation, a shield of tin- plated copper braid and a jacket of Tefzel. It is temperature rated to 150°C & voltage rated at 600 volts. Available in different gauge(*) sizes. Sold in feet in 10 ft increments only. Multiple conductor wires are also available by ACS (please to our separate product presentation).

(*) Wire gauge is a measurement of wire diameter. This determines the amount of electric current a wire can safely carry, as well as its electrical resistance and weight. 8 Gauge shielded wire is used in converting generator systems to alternators.

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M27500 cables are unique, QPL cable constructions of coated copper mil-spec inner conductors. 27500 cables use military specification wire, and can be single or multi-conductor. The cable can have single or double shields and single or double jackets. The M27500 specification is ideal for use in aircraft avionics and ground support equipment due to its ability to operate in a broad range of temperatures. In addition to being a defense and aerospace cable, this high performance, mil spec cable is used in a wide range of general purpose electrical applications. 


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8536201010 Electrical apparatus for switching, protecting or for making connections in electrical circuits
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Sold in 10 ft increments only

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