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AVIATIONEU NEW ERA Industrial Anchor Nuts
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AVIATIONEU NEW ERA Industrial Anchor Nuts (Nut Plates) SKU: ANEUNE-NTPLT-IND

Extending the range of nut plates (*) comlying with different Military Specifications, anchor nuts for industial (non military) uses are offered as  part of AVIATIONEU NEW ERA product lines. Also known as Commercial anchor nuts, they meet DIN, ISO and other standards and are available in Standard and Miniature versions, different types (fixed or floating, one lug, two lugs, corner, etc.), various materials (**) & finishes and in both in Metric (M3 - M12 diameters) and Unified thread types (***). Competitively priced, AVIATIONEU NEW ERA industrial nut plates are cost effective alternatives to the respective OEM parts. They are sold in pieces but packs are also used where the number of anchor nuts per pack is indicated after the letters "PK" in the product SKU. Appearing prices are always for the used units of measurement each time. Please refer to product specifications or contact us.

(*) Anchor nuts (aka nut plates or anchor plates) are stamped sheet metal fasteners used in blind mounted panel applications, where hex nuts cannot be used or an attached nut is required for ease of maintenance. They are usually riveted to a workpiece and have an internally threaded tube and a plate with two clearance holes for rivets. These terms are used interchangeably to describe the respective fasteners. 

(**) INCONEL alloy, CRES A-286 alloy,42CrMo4 Steel, C1050 heat treated carbon steel or other steel alloys depending on the manufacturer.

(***) Metric ISO thread used in Europe. Designated by the letter "M" followed by the value of the thread nominal diameter and pitch in millimetres. Unified form thread designations,such as UNC (unified coarse) or UNF (unified fine),have a fixed number of threads per inch with the thread major diameter preceding the designation.

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73181500 Screws,Bolts,Nuts,Rivets,Cotters,Cotter-Pins,Washers,Spring Washers etc. from Iron or Steel
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