AVEUNE 4130 Alloy Steel Bars
  • AVEUNE 4130 Alloy Steel Bars
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AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 4130 Alloy Steel Bar Cold Finished Normalized SKU: AVEUNE-ST4130BR-NRZCF

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 4130 Alloy steel bars are produced in round, flat, square, and hex shapes and are are offered in different dimesions in inches and Cut to Order lengths in feet subject to minimum order quantities. 4130 alloy (also commonly referred to as Chromoly or Chrome Moly) is a chromium-molybdenum general purpose steel alloy used in the production of metal products of different shapes (sheets, tubes, bars, etc).  It is is widely used in the Aviation due to its excellent strength to weight ratio,easiness to weld by all of the conventional methods and resistance to scaling and oxidation. Nearly all of offered 4130 bars are produced as “Cold Finished Normalized,” which is also known as “Condition D4”. 4130 bars generally meet several AMS specifications, with the most common being AMS-S-6758 and AMS- 6348. Please refer to the dimensions of offered bars  and contact us for a quotation.

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7228502000 Steel bars and rods not further worked than cold-formed or cold-finished
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