AVIATIONEU NEW ERA ST4130 Rectangular/Square Bar Normalized CTO
  • AVIATIONEU NEW ERA ST4130 Rectangular/Square Bar Normalized CTO

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 4130 Steel Alloy Square/Rectangular Bars/Rods Norm.-Cold Fin. (CTO) SKU: AVEUNE-SQRCTBR-ST4130-NRZCF/CTO

Steel alloy 4130 (ST4130),aka Chrome Moly,after the 2 key composition elements,chromium & molybdenum,is a general-purpose alloy steel widely used by the aviation and motorsports industries due to its weldability, fabrication and mild hardenability in all offered forms (tubes, bars/rods, sheets and plates). Available in two material states (Normalized and Annealed) depending on the process of how the material is heated and cooled.The Normalized condition (aka "Condition N") is the harder and stronger condition, best used when forming is not needed while the Annealed condition (aka "Condition A") is the softer and formable condition.

4130 steel bars/rods in round, rectangullar (flat), square and hexagonal shapes (cross sections) are offered as part of our own branded (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) product lines. Sourced from quality producers, most of these bars/rods are produced, unless otherwise specified, as “Cold Finished Normalized” (aka “Condition D4”), indicated by the letters "NRZ" and  "CF" in the product SKUs. They come in different dimesions in inches and cut to order (CTO) lengths in feet (*) and meet several AMS specifications, most common being AMS-S-6758 and AMS- 6348. They are widely used in a variety of applications due to their excellent strength to weight ratio,weldability by all conventional methods and resistance to scaling and oxidation. 

Unless otherwise mentioned, there is additional cost if manufacturing test reports are required. For additional information, please refer to the supplied documentation, the individual product presentations or contact us.

(*) As per vendors' requirements, certain 4130 steel bars/rods are ONLY SOLD in 3 feet increments, i.e. cut lengths can only be set to 3, 6, 9 feet etc. as mentioned in the respectivel product presentations. In this case, appearing prices are per 3 feet length and the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 3 pieces for each of selected rod/bar. Required cut lengths should be specified at the time of ordering.

Mfr. P/N & Title
Delivery: Usually up to 45 working days for items requiring backordering

Data sheet

4130 Steel Alloy
Certificate of Conformance
7228502000 Steel bars and rods not further worked than cold-formed or cold-finished
Surface Finish
Cold Formed/Finished
Unit of Measurement (UOM) / Sale
Foot (ft/')

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