AVEUNE 2024-T351 Aluminum Rectangular Bars
  • AVEUNE 2024-T351 Aluminum Rectangular Bars

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 2024-T351 Temper Aluminum Alloy Rectangular Bar SKU: AVEUNE-AL2024T351-RCTBR

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 2024-T351 aluminum rectangle bars are offered in different dimesions in inches and Cut to Order lengths in feet subject to minimum order quantities. They meet AMS-OQ-A-225/5, AMS 4120, ASTM B211 and UNS A92024 Specifications.

These bars are made from 2024 Aluminum one of the best known aluminum alloys for its high strength and excellent fatigue resistance. This alloy is used to advantage on structures and parts where good strength-to-weight ratio is desired. It is readily machined to a high finish. It is readily formed in the annealed condition and may be subsequently heat treated. Arc or gas welding is generally not recommended, although this alloy may be spot, seam or flash welded. Since corrosion resistance is relatively low, 2024 is commonly used with an anodized finish or in clad form ("Alclad") with a thin surface layer of high purity aluminum. Applications: aircraft structural components, aircraft fittings, hardware, truck wheels and parts for the transportation industry.

Please refer to the dimensions of offered rectangle bars  and contact us for a quotation.

Mfr. P/N & Title

Data sheet

2024-T351 Temper Aluminum Alloy
Certificate of Conformance
76109030 Aluminum plates, rods, profiles, tubes and the like
Unit of Measurement (UOM) / Sale
Foot (ft/')
AMS-OQ-A-225/5,AMS 4120,ASTM B211,UNS A92024

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