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AVIATIONEU NEW ERA MS21075/MS21076 Series Floating Self-Locking 2-Lug Nut Plate SKU: ANEUNE-NTPLT-MS21075/MS21076

Floating nut plates are low profile and lightweight plates used to install a captive nut behind a panel. The floating nut allows for an assembly that is not perfectly aligned. 

MS21075/MS21076 Series nut plates (*) are offered as part of AVIATIONEU NEW ERA product lines. Sourced from quality manufacturers they are are floating self-locking, two lug, low height,reduced rivet spacing nut plates.

Those included in MS21075 series are manufactured from cadmium plated carbon steel while the MS21076 nut plates are produced from corrosion resistant steel (CRES). They are available in different Unified thread sizes, with or without eyelets and come with or without a dry film lube. Nut plates with a dry film lube are specified by the letter "L" in the part number. The letter “E” at the end of the part number denotes a nutplate with eyelets while the letter “N” denotes a nutplate  without eyelets.

Competitively priced, these nut plates are cost effective alternatives to the respective OEM parts. They are usually sold in pieces but packs are also used where the number of anchor nuts per pack is indicated after the letters "PK" in the product SKU. Appearing prices are always for the used units of measurement each time. For additional information, please refer to the product specifications or contact us.

(*) Anchor nuts (aka nut plates or anchor plates) are stamped sheet metal fasteners are used in blind mounted panel applications, where it is impractical to use hex nuts or where it is desirable to have an attached nut for ease of maintenance. They are usually riveted to a workpiece and have an internally threaded tube and a plate with two clearance holes for rivets. These terms are used interchangeably to describe the respective fasteners. 

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73181500 Screws,Bolts,Nuts,Rivets,Cotters,Cotter-Pins,Washers,Spring Washers etc. from Iron or Steel
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