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Copper wires are conductors of electricity and they are used for a wide range of applications including power generation, power transmission, power distribution, telecommunications, electronics circuitry and others. Apart from the high conductivity copper features durability, tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA copper round wire product range includes bare copper, copper, paper insulated copper wires as well as double cotton covered and silver or tinned plated copper wires. 

They are offered in rolls in different wire gauges (*). Sold in kilograms except the double cotton covered wire which is sold by the meter. Appearing prices is for reference only per UOM. Please contact us for a quotation.

Bare Copper Wire, Gauge 0-5

Paper Insulated Stranded Wire, Gauge 0-5

Tinned Plated Copper Wire (Temperature 120 deg. C), Gauge 0.2-2

Silver Plated Copper Wire (Voltage up to 1000 V, Flame Retardant), Gauge 0-5

Double Cotton Covered Copper Wire, Gauge 0-5

(*) Wire gauge is a measurement of wire diameter. This determines the amount of electric current a wire can safely carry, as well as its electrical resistance and weight. Please refer to the respective table.

Mfr. P/N & Title

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50 7.5% Up to €78.19

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Certificate of Conformance
7312100000 Stranded wire, ropes and cables
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