AVIATIONEU NEW ERA AL6061 F-H112 Tempers Aluminum Round Rods CTO
  • AVIATIONEU NEW ERA AL6061 F-H112 Tempers Aluminum Round Rods CTO

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 6061 Aluminum Alloy F/H112 Temper Round Bars (CTO) SKU: AVEUNE-RNDBR-AL6061-F/H112-CTO

AL6061 is an aluminium alloy, with magnesium and silicon as the primary alloying elements. It is one of the most common alloys of aluminum for general-purpose use. Commonly available in pre-tempered grades such as 6061-O (annealed) as well as tempered grades such as 6061-T6 or 6061-T651. It can be compared with AL5052 (the highest strength alloy of the more non-heat-treatable grades) as well as with AL6063 which  is similar in composition and mechanical properties. AL6061 main features include: heat-treatable, excellent machinability, excellent corrosion resistance, semi-smooth surface, lightweight, high-tensile strength. Commonly used in transportation components, recreation products, machinery and equipment, and consumer durables.

Extruded bars/rods from 6061 aluminum alloy are offered as part of our own branded (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) product lines. They come in different cross sections such as round, rectangular or square. Competitively priced, they are sourced from quality producers, comply with ASTM specifications and offered as Fabricated (F) or H112 tempered. 

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA Aluminum 6061 H112 Temper round bars are offered in different diameters 6 mm (15/64'') -300 mm (11-13/16") and cut to order lengths up to 12000 mm (12 m), consisting a cost effective solution when large quantities are demanded. Unit of sale is 1 Ton (US or Metric as specified) with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 1 Ton. Sea/sea-surface transport to customer destination can be provided. Approximate time for shipping: usually 1-2 months from the time of order payment depending on the ordered quantity. Appearing price is indicative per unit of sale.  For additional information, please refer to our attached Brief Guide on Aluminum Grades & Temper Designations or contact us for quotation.

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
3 5% Up to €1,241.74

Data sheet

6061 Aluminum Alloy
Certificate of Conformance
76109030 Aluminum plates, rods, profiles, tubes and the like
Unit of Measurement (UOM) / Sale
Ton (US)
Other Information
AVIATIONEU NEW ERA metals are supplied free from oil stains, dents, inclusions, scratches, oxide discolorations, corrosion, or other defects. In certain cases, metals are additionally protected with PVC film

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AVEUNE Al Grades-Tempers Guide

Brief guide for grade selection and understanding different tempers of offered AVIATIONEU NEW ERA aluminum products.

Download (155.63KB)