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  • AVIATIONEU NEW ERA ST4130 Welded Round Tube Normalized CTO

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 4130 Alloy Steel Welded Round Tubes Normalized Cold Drawn (CTO) SKU: AVEUNE-RNDTB-ST4130-NRZWLD/CTO

Steel alloy 4130 (ST4130), also known as Chrome Moly is a general-purpose alloy steel widely used by the aviation and motorsports industries due to its tensile strength, weldability, fabrication, and  hardenability. Sourced from quality producers AVIATIONEU NEW ERA 4130 Alloy Steel welded round tubes are cold drawn, offered in Normalized (N) condition and can be used in mechanical engineering, automotive applications and machinery. They conform to ASTM A513 specifications and they are offered in different wall thicknesses (1-12.5 mm), outer diameters (OD  6-350 mm) and cut to order lengths (max12000 mm/12 m), in various heat treatment processes (no final thermal treatment, stress relieved, annealed or normalized). Unit of sale is 1 Ton (US or Metric as specified) with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 3 Tons. Sea/sea-surface transport to customer destination can be provided. Approximate time for shipping: usually 1-2 months from the time of order payment depending on the ordered quantity. Appearing price is indicative per unit of sale. Mechanical properties, depending on the selected heat treatment process, are summarized below. For additional information please refer to the attached chart or contact us.

Yield Strength: 55 ksi/ 379 Mpa - 50 ksi/ 345 Mpa - 85 ksi/ 586 Mpa - 80 ksi/ 552 Mpa

Ultimate Strength: 72 ksi/ 496 Mpa - 70 ksi/ 483 Mpa - 95 ksi/ 655 Mpa - 90 ksi/ 621 Mpa

Enlongation (%): 10% - 20% - 5% - 10%

Rockwell Hardness B Scale: 80 - 100 - 90- 87

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
5 5% Up to €1,059.78
Delivery: Usually up to 45 working days for items requiring backordering

Data sheet

4130 Steel Alloy
Certificate of Conformance
7306309000 Articles of iron or steel sheet piling and welded angles with shapes exceeding 168,3 mm, but not exceeding 406,4 mm
Unit of Measurement (UOM) / Sale
Ton (US)
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