AVIATIONEU NEW ERA NAS6205/NAS1105 Shear Machine Bolts
  • AVIATIONEU NEW ERA NAS6205/NAS1105 Shear Machine Bolts

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA NAS6205 Series Steel Shear Machine Bolts (superceeding NAS1105 Series)SKU: AVEUNE-BLT-MCN-NAS6205/NAS1105

NAS machine bolts are commonly used in aircraft, space shuttles, military vehicles, drones, and other high-performance applications. They are offered in different series to meet application requirements. NAS6203 through NAS6210 series include hex head, close tolerance, alloy steel, short thread, self-locking & non-locking bolts.

Sourced from quality producers, NAS6203 through NAS6210 series are offered as part of our own branded (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) product lines. These fine-threaded, dimpled-head hex bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 160,000 psi and a minimum shear strength of 95,000 psi. Thread length is consistent within each diameter (1103/6203 series have a shorter thread), and grips are available in 1/16” increments beginning at 1/16”. Used in applications where a premium-quality, high strength bolt is necessary. They come in different nominal diameters: NAS6203: 3/16 in. (0.1875"), NAS6204: 1/4 in. (0.25"), NAS6205: 5/16 in. (0.3125"), NAS6206: 3/8 in. (0.375"), NAS6208: 1/2 in. (0.500"), NAS6210: 5/8 in. (0.625").

NAS6205 series shear hexagon head bolts with a 5/16-24" thread supercede NAS1105 high strength bolts. Their shearing feature is used to minimize damage to critical components of the application. They are made from alloy steel with cadmium or chromium finishes and offered in different grips and lengths in inches with undrilled or drilled head and/or shank. They are sold in pieces.

The following letters after the basic part numbers specify the material, finish and drilling condition of these bolts.

No Finish Code for cadmium plated bolts

"C" for chromium plated bolts

"L" / "P" for self-locking bolts/self-locking bolts with patch type locking element only

Grip Dash Number indicating grip in .0625 increments

"D" after the grip dash number for drilled thread bolts

"H" after the grip dash number for bolts with drilled head

More than one code letters may be used in sequence.

For more information, please refer to the supplied documentation or contact us. 

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73181500 Screws,Bolts,Nuts,Rivets,Cotters,Cotter-Pins,Washers,Spring Washers etc. from Iron or Steel
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