The Web Platform for Supplies (ecommerce.aviationeu.supplies), is an electronic commerce multi store application operated by AVIATIONEU SUPPLIES & SERVICES LTD., formerly EUROWINGS AVIATION & CONSULTING SERVICES LTD.

The following terms are used below throughout the text:

AVIATIONEU SS” is used as an abbreviatied term for AVIATIONEU SUPPLIES & SERVICES LTD., a private company based and registered in Athens, Greece and part of AVIATIONEU GROUP OF COMPANIES.

AVIATIONEU TSS” is used as an abbreviatied term for AVIATIONEU TRAINING SYSTEMS & SERVICES SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY, a private company based and registered in Athens, Greece and part of AVIATIONEU GROUP OF COMPANIES.

AVIATIONEU Platform” or “AVIATIONEU Electronic Ordering System (EOS)” are used as alternative terms to denote the Web Platform for Supplies in this document as well as other documents and communications with suppliers and/or customers.

"product", "good", "item" or similar terms are used interchangeably hereinafter to denote the products, parts, systems, materials, services marketed and sold through this platform.

"fulfill", "fulfillment company", "fulfilled by" or similar terms are used interchangeably hereinafter to denote the company (store) in AVIATIONEU Platform for order processing and delivery of the products, parts, systems, materials, services marketed and sold through this platform.

Use of the AVIATIONEU Platform STRICTLY IMPLIES that the user (whether guest or registered) acknowledges and agrees with all the terms and conditions mentioned below in this document as ammended/updated from time to time by AVIATIONEU SS.


The content of the AVIATIONEU Platform is based on information from various sources. Whilst AVIATIONEU SS places a great emphasis on keeping such content up to date and correct, the company makes no representattions or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accurancy, reliability, suitability or availability of this content and consequently does not undertake any responsibility for any reliance placed by the users on it or any user actions or decisions based on this content.

Scope of Use

AVIATIONEU Platform is primarily intended for use by retail and corporate customers alike, providing them with suffficient information on an extensive portfolio of products and services related to the Aviation, Automotive and other industrial sectors. Prospective buyers can seek information, specifications and reference prices regarding their interested products/services for their evaluation and ordering. The platform also serves as an effective promotion of offered products and/or services by our co-operating manufacturers/suppliers. Typical users of the AVIATIONEU Platform include suppliers of products, materials or services, end buyers or trading companies, logistics / transportation companies, etc.

Access to AVIATIONEU Platform Content

Although potential buyers (particularly corporate buyers) are strongly encouraged register the following levels of access to the content of the  AVIATIONEU Platform have been established:

VISITORS (without registration): Interested general public users who can browse freely through the AVIATIONEU Platform and view the offered product portfolio without prices. A special level of RESTRICTED ACCESS to certain product categories for information, prices and ordering is available for potential buyers (mainly retail buyers) as GUESTS without registration required. Prices in this case include tax (VAT).

REGISTERED USERS/CUSTOMERS: Customers, as opposed to registered users, are those entities where at least one order has been placed and processed by AVIATIONEU SS or other fulfillment company. Both have access to more or all of the AVIATIONEU Platform product categories, product information and prices with or without tax (VAT). User authentication is performed through the username and password provided by the AVIATIONEU Platform Administrator which are entered in the respective cells of the User Login Area at the Home page of the platform. Users can change their passwords if they wish from their account settings.

Different sub-categories (sub-classes) of REGISTERED USERS/CUSTOMERS have been established to cover sales requirements in different markets.

TAX FREE/EXPORT USERS/CUSTOMERS entitled to tax (VAT) exemptions: This class includes registered users/customers for which NO TAX (VAT) is applied to the net value of the goods sold. Typical users/customers in this class include Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, VIES registered customers (i.e. entities with a valid EU VAT number entitled to Intra-Community purchases) as well as buyers from non-EU countries. It is noted that VAT is applied in the cases when the ordered has been placed by a VIES registered or an EXPORT customer, but the ordered product(s) are picked up from the customer or on his behalf in GREECE.

TAX USERS/CUSTOMERS with no tax exemptions: This class includes registered users/customers for which TAX (VAT) is applied to the net value of the goods sold. Typical customers in this class include consummers (end customers) based in Greece or any other EU member country. As from July 1st 2021, the new EU VAT provisions for electronic (web) sales require VAT application and payment by the seller based on VAT rates at the country of the buyer. For sales under EUR 10.000,00 VAT application and payment by the seller is made based on VAT rates applied at the country of the seller.

REWARD SCHEME CUSTOMERS: This class includes customers entitled to benefits from the AVIATIONEU Platform customer reward scheme. Classified as BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD depending on their total annual amount paid for their orders, customers are offered additional product discounts and other benefits (like free shipping within the EU). 

SPECIAL CATEGORY CUSTOMERS: This sub-class includes Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Public Bodies, Training Institutions and/or other entities as determined from time to time by AVIATIONEU SS. Benefits for this customer category usually include lower minimum order quantities from those normally applied, product volume discounts and payment on delivery of ordered goods. 

Sale Restrictions

Due to trade restrictions (imports/exports) applicable from time to time to certain third (non EU) countries by National, European and International Authorities, sales of some of the products appearing in the AVIATIONEU Platform may not be possible to these countries. Due to their TARIC classification certain products may fall under the DUAL USE category (use for both civil and military applications) and corresponding export restrictions. END USER DECLARATIONS (EUD) are most often required in these cases  as part of the documentation filed to the Authorities for export licensing. In addition to product trade restrictions mentioned above, no sales can be allowed to natural persons or legal entities engaged illegal activities which are included in sanction lists prepared and updated by the Authorities. AVIATIONEU SS places a great emphasis on the strict compliance of any applicable trade restrictions through the close co-operation with the competent authorities and close monitoring of the regulatory framework as applicable at the time of ordering. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact AVIATIONEU SS sales team for additional information or clarifications.


Selling prices appearing at the AVIATIONEU Platform are published on the basis of most recent prices from our suppliers, including any agreed reseller discounts. With an extensive and constantly growing number of suppliers, prices may change frequently as a result of respective price changes from the vendors and/or changing exchange rates (as for example in the case of US sourced products). Depending on the sub-class of a registered user/customer, appearing prices at the AVIATIONEU Platform may or may not include tax (VAT). Selling prices can be used for retail sales and respective payments during the checkout process. 

Corporate customers in different sub-classes mentioned above are strongly recommended to contact us with their RFQ details to determine availability for interested products and quantities. As soon as these are finalized, they are included in the Proforma Invoice or Order Confirmation documents sent by AVIATIONEU SS to the customers for review and approval prior to their order placement. 

Selling prices appearing at the AVIATIONEU Platform:

INCLUDE ONLY the PURCHASE COST per unit of measurement (UOM) as well as any trading fees of AVIATIONEU SS or other fulfillment companies.

Transportation costs from the suppliers to the AVIATIONEU SS warehouse in Athens as well as any custom clearance and shipping costs to customer destination (whenever required) are ADDITIONALLY APPLIED.

Depending on the specific order requirements, such costs appear as "Shipping" and/or "Other Costs" in the order.

Depending on the specific customer sub-class (see above), Tax (VAT) MAY OR MAY NOT BE INCLUDED in the appearing selling price. 

Unit of Measurement (MOU)

This is the unit that the Selling Price corresponds to. For example, the selling price may refer to each unit of product (designated as ea.) or a piece (pc.) or an assembly (in case of an assembly of parts) etc.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) / Minimum Quantities for Discounts (MDQs)

Through the AVIATIONEU Platform small and high value orders for various customers are being served. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are the minimum quantities for processing an order and APPLY ONLY in the cases when NO OTHER products/materials sourced from the same vendor are included IN A SINGLE ORDER. The need for the application of MOQs results from inevitable high shipping and other costs related to separate ordering and shipping procedures of certain supplies and is used with caution by AVIATIONEU SS.  In cases where the ordered items and respective quantities can be sourced from a single supplier, the AVIATIONEU SS salesforce always try to fulfill customer needs without applying MOQs other than those sometimes applied by the suppliers themselves. In other cases, MOQs are applied and clearly indicated in the AVIATIONEU Platform or the subsequent AVIATIONEU Offers/Proforma Invoices so that the customers know in advance the MOQs applied to their interested products before placing any order.

MOQs and MODs as well as the respective discounted prices can be seen for the offered products enabling the customers to know in advance the price and quantity requirements before ordering. They BOTH relate to the Unit of Measurement (MOU) of the corresponding ordered product.


There are 3 different discounts established as part of AVIATIONEU SS pricing and customer reward policies and used in company’s operations, two of them are implemented in the AVIATIONEU Platform and the third is an ad hoc discount. They are briefly described below:

PRODUCT DISCOUNT (based on min discount quantities as seen at our Platform). In some cases products are offered at reduced prices when a significant ordered quantity is reached. Product Discounts are linked with Minimum Quantities for Discounts (MDQs) i.e. the minimum quantities before a specified product discount is applied on product listed selling prices. Product discounts APPLY ONLY WHEN the quantity of the selected product IN A SINGLE ORDER is equal or higher than the minimum discount quantity.

CUSTOMER DISCOUNT (based on the status of BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD customers). These are discounts intended to serve as a reward for returning customers who have a continuous order activity beyond certain thresholds. They are computed on the basis of the total net value of their orders (i.e. excluding shipping or other costs) in the year preceding that of discount application. For example, a customer who is awarded a Silver Status on the basis of orders in 2020 is entitled to use the respective discount for all orders throughout 2021.Customer discounts appear during the checkout stage of the order placement. Customer discounts appear at the AVIATIONEU Platform during the checkout process.

AD HOC ORDER DISCOUNT on certain items due their value or asked quantities in an order can be applied at AVIATIONEU SS sole discretion on a case by case basis.

It is noted that PRODUCT, CUSTOMER and/or AD HOC ORDER DISCOUNTS are independent and cumulative (i.e. added to one another).Therefore, BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD customers can be benefited from one, two or all three of them. Above mentioned discounts are computed and appear as COMBINED DISCOUNT at the Quotation/Order Confirmation, Proforma and Invoice documents issued during order processing/fulfillment.


The default currency of the selling prices in the AVIATIONEU Platform is EURO (EUR). Payments may be also accepted in UNITED STATES DOLLARS (USD) in certain cases. For this reason prices in USD (based on the current applicable exchange rate) can also be seen with the use of the currency selector. Due to changing exchange rates prices in USD SHOULD BE USED FOR REFERENCE ONLY.


Before any confirmed order is processed, a payment of the full order amount (with only specific exemptions) has to be made to the AVIATIONEU SS or the fulfillment company. Payments can be made:

a) by wire transfer to the EURO or USD designated bank account, depending on the currency of sale agreed at the order placement. In the case of wire transfers, the Proforma Invoice or Order Confirmation documents sent to the customers include all necessary information for the execution of the transfer.

b) by debit/credit card payment ONLY in EURO. Most card operators such as VISA, MASTER CARD and others are accepted. A card payment notification is issued and sent to the customer for the payment. Please note that for debit/credit card payments the following customer information MUST BE AVAILABLE for the issue of the card payment notification:

- the personal or company email for sending the payment notification,

- the full name (and company title if needs to be included in the invoice)

- the full shipping address with postal code for shipping ordered goods. 

- the telephone number in case the customer is needed to be contacted for the delivery of the ordered goods.

Deliveries & INCO Terms

The default INCO term for the offered products in the AVIATIONEU Platform is EXW - ExWorks (at the premises of our respective supplier) unless otherwise agreed and specified. Under this sale term the ordered goods available to the buyer at the premises of the respective supplier of the AVIATIONEU SS or the fulfillment company.The customer (or other entity acting on his behalf) can either pick up the ordered goods from the above mentioned location and carry out all other required tasks of carriage & insurance and additionally those of export & import clearance to the country of final destination (in the case of exports). There are several reasons for this policy. Customers sometimes wish to make their own arrangements for the pick-up of the goods by their own forwarders and complete their own custom clearance works (whenever required). In addition, different shipping options can be applied ranging from air freight cargo, to courier services to road transport, depending on customer requirements and destinations. All the above affect respective custom and shipping costs and therefore there is no possibility for application of a flat rate to all orders. 

Alternative INCO terms (as required) such as CPT - Carriage Paid,  CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid or DDP-Delivery and Duty Paid may be agreed with the respective computation and application by the AVIATIONEU SS sales team of additional costs depending on order requirements on a case by case basis.

Product Certification

Unless otherwise specified, ALL ITEMS appearing at the AVIATIONEU Platform are offered WITH a Certificate of Conformance issued by AVIATIONEU SS or the fulfillment company WITHOUT any other certification (if applicable). If additional certification is available and required by the buyer (such as FAA/EASA certificates), extra charges may apply on the price of the respective item by the manufacturer/supplier. In these cases, the buyer is highly recommended to contact AVIATIONEU SS sales team for additional information before the order placement.

Other Benefits from the use of the AVIATIONEU Platform

In addition to competitive prices and quantity discounts applied to an extensive product portfolio responding to a variety of needs in the aviation, automotive and other industrial sectors and the established co-operations with a long list of reputable manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, other benefits to be expected from existing customers and prospective buyers include:

Our priority and experience in corporate sales and sourcing needs,

The availability of an extensive portfolio of high quality, competitively priced own branded products (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) offered as cost-effective alternatives to meet customer needs, 

Our significant knowledge on exports,

Customer assistance whenever required for any additional information prior to ordering or problem solving during the order processing or after delivery including returns in case of any faults/malfunctions of delivered goods,

Flexible shipping solutions,

Progress monitoring and account Statements showing order values, payments and balances.

Contact & Customer Support

Inquiries for additional information/clarifications or any customer support needs are served by AVIATIONEU team. Phone or email communication at sales@aviationeu.supplies can be used. 

Despite the extensive product portfolio included in the AVIATIONEU Platform, emphasis has been placed on products most frequently demanded. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact the AVIATIONEU SS sales team for an RFQ for items not appearing in the platform as most often a quotation suitable for interested products can be provided.

In addition, AVIATIONEU SS sales team may be able to assist in the selection of the right products in different ways. Whenever possible, short product descriptions and specifications are included in product presentations together with other published documents from manufacturers/ suppliers in the Reference Library section of the AVIATIONEU Platform. If these are not enough, the AVIATIONEU SS sales team contact the manufacturer/supplier for additional information needed.