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1026 HANSI MEGAGLUE Epoxy Resin Adhesives
  • 1026 HANSI MEGAGLUE Epoxy Resin Adhesives
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SHANGHAI HANSI INDUSTRIAL CO. (HANSI) is an adhesive producer with a wide product range of polyurethane and epoxy adhesives, acrylate and water-based adhesives, silicone adhesives and respective hardeners. HANSI adhesives are used in an extensive range of applications including aerospace, automotive, electronics, construction, transportation, filter, sound insulation and composite.

HANSI high performance solvent free two component epoxy resin adhesives can be used for bonding and sealing of large-area composite panels of metal and non-metal materials. They exhibit high strength and toughness and thermal shok resistance. Their VOC content makes them more environmentally friendly and safe. Different series include:

MegaGlue® 2003/5112/3042/ 45121V Series & ACROBOND® EP242 Series. Products in these series are widely used and feature good toughness, wide temperature application range and moderate activation time which can reduce VOC emissions, reduce weight and energy consumption.

MegaGlue® 4001/4001CM Series. Products are high viscosity fast curing toughened two-component epoxy based adhesives. They can be used for bonding and sealing of FRP, SMC, CGRP and other composite materials in rail transportation, automobile, aerospace and other industries. Mostly selected for their high strength and toughness and their fast curing.

MegaGlue® 3003/3010 Series.  Products in these series include toughened two-component epoxy based adhesives with high viscosity and fast curing. Used in surface repairs, edge sealings and landfilling in rail transportation, ship, van and other industries.

Depending on the selected product, HANSI MegaGlue® epoxy resin adhesives are offered in 50ml/400ml cartridges, 15 kg buckets or 20 kg barrels.

For additional information on HANSI MegaGlue® epoxy resin adhesives please consult the supplied documentation or contact us.

Popular HANSI epoxy resin adhesives are briefly presented below. For other adhesives please contact us specifying your application requirements.

HANSI MegaGlue® 4001

HANSI MegaGlue® 4001 is a two-component toughening adhesive with high viscosity and fast curing property. After mixing the main agent and hardener, the product forms into a bonding belt with high shear strength and peel strength. It features a superb low temperature resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulating property after totally cured. It has good adhesion to various substrates, such as plastics, metal, alloy, etc. Applications: general industry, electronic industry and construction industry. Offered in 50ml/200ml/400ml cartridges.

HANSI MegaGlue® 4512LV

HANSI MegaGlue® 4512LV is a high viscosity, non-sagging industrial grade epoxy adhesive with extended work life. Once mixed, the two component epoxy cures at room temperature to foam a tough, amber-beige bondline with excellent resistance to peel and impact forces. When fully cured, the epoxy offers superior thermal shock resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical properties and withstands exposure to a wide variety of solvent and chemicals. Typical applications include bonding nose cones in aerospace applications. It is also suitable for low stress, general industrial applications with require high impact and high peel strength. Bonds dissimilar materials including aluminum, steel and other metals, as well as a variety of plastics and ceramics. Offered in 50ml/400ml 2:1 cartridges and 15kg buckets.

HANSI MegaGlue® 4003

HANSI MegaGlue® 4003TG/BL is a high-performance solvent-free, slightly thixotropic two-component epoxy resin adhesive. It has excellent wettability to the substrate, has the characteristics of tensile strength, impact resistance, high peel strength and good toughness. In addition, the product also has the characteristics of low VOC, high thermal deformation temperature, and good resistance to humidity and heat aging. Mainly used for bonding of various sandwich composite panels (such as rail transit aluminum honeycomb floor panels, side wall panels, mid-top panels, phenolic resin panels, shelters, insulation panels and Hard PU and other composite boards) as well as various composite materials (such as carbon fiber, SMC, FRP, etc.). Offered in 20kg barrels. Offered in 20kg barrels.


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