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GROVE AIRCRAFT LANDING GEAR SYSTEMS Inc. is a manufacturer of wheels, brakes and landing gear for light aircraft. GROVE  product portfolio includes main and nose wheels, brakes, master cylinders, axles and axle hardware and custom  landing gear for individual airplanes. Many of the GROVE products carry FAA TSO and PMA approvals while STCs are also offered for their installation in various aircraft.

Wheels, brakes and landing gear for light aircraft

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GROVE Wheel Axles &...

GROVE manufactures axles and hardware for use in GROVE wheels as well as those of other manufacturers.

GROVE 500x5 wheel axles (P/N. 5013 standard and P/N. 5018 with wheel pant stub) are produced from solid 2024-T3 aluminum with anodized finish. They have a 1-15/16" Bolt Circle hole pattern and 1/4" diameter holes.

500x5 1-1/4" diameter standard axle (P/N. 5013) is the most popular axle for 500x5 wheels. It is designed to fit Grove 50-1, 51-1, 56-1, 57-1, 57-5 and Cleveland 500x5 wheels. Axle Weight: 0.92 lbs. Static Load Rating 1,250 lbs.

500x5 1-1/4" diameter axle (P/N. 5018) has built-in wheel pant stub with 1/4-28 thread. It is designed for use with Grove 50-1, 51-1, 56-1, 57-1, 57-5 and Cleveland 500x5 wheels. Axle Weight: 0.95 lbs. Static Load Rating 1,250 lbs.

Both axles require two spacers per axle (P/N. 5710) sold separately.  I.D: 1-1/4", O.D. 1-3/4", Thickness: 1/4". They can be used with 500x5 axles.

Standard axle nuts and axle bolt kits sold separately are also offered as part of GROVE product portfolio. Castle type nuts are manufactured to MIL Specification MS21025 using 4140 steel. Mild steel nuts are not acceptable for use on certificated aircraft. 1-1/4" dia. nuts for 500 x 5 axles, 1-1/2" dia. nuts for 600 x 6 axles.

GROVE Aircraft Wheel &...

GROVE Wheels and Brakes are precision engineered and manufactured to provide the highest quality and performance in the aircraft industry. GROVE wheels are manufactured in both aluminum and magnesium.  Aluminum wheels are more corrosion resistant than magnesium, are less expensive, but weigh more.  Both have the same strength and performance ratings. They are offered in sets (kits) in different sizes to comply with tire and axle sizes and static load ratings to match  the static aircraft gross weight on each wheel. GROVE brakes are offered for different braking torques, a function of the hydraulic system pressure and total caliper piston area, and with different kinetic energy capabilities. Aircraft with oversized tires or with a larger than normal engine should consider brake calipers with more or larger pistons. Different brake discs offered absorb the heat energy developed during braking.

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