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Goodyear is one of the world's leading tire companies with operations in most regions of the world and one of the most recognized brand names. Together with its U.S and international subsidiaries, Goodyear develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes tires for most applications. It also manufactures and markets rubber-related chemicals for various applications. In addition, Goodyear is one of the world's largest operators of commercial truck service and tire retreading centers. It operates approximately 1,100 tire and auto service center outlets for retail sales, automotive repair and other services. Goodyear manufactures its products in 48 facilities in 22 countries. It has marketing operations in almost every country around the world

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GOODYEAR® AVIATION tires are widely used in all aviation tire market segments, from piston engine light aircraft to turboprops, business jets, regional and commercial airlines.They come in different series meeting respective requirements for applications in  light, business or commercial aircraft, economy, performance or special operations. A brief overview of these tires is provided below.

GOODYEAR® AVIATION FLIGHT SPECIAL® ΙΙ Series aircraft  tires are popular replacement tires for light aircraft due to their unsurpassed combination of value and performance. Designed for long tread life, these aircraft tires are built to last. Every strand of nylon cord in the casing has been triple tempered with time, tension and temperature to provide the ultimate in tire construction, uniformity and strength. They feature quality construction, wide rib thread design and large footprint, tough-wearing thread rubber and triple-tempered nylon casing cord resulting in enhanced traction, uniform wear and extended service life.

GOODYEAR® AVIATION FLIGHT CUSTOM® ΙΙI Series "Top of the Line" aircraft  tires set new records for long wear, high-strength and dependability. They feature dual polymer tread compound, enlarged tread contact area, extra-wide aquachannel grooves, sculptured sidewalls and Kevlar® belts for added tread stability. As a result benefis from their use include up to 20% more landings, superior wet traction treadwear and enhanced traction and treadwear assisting dimensional stability. 

GOODYEAR® AVIATION FLIGHT LEADER® Series tires are the bias-ply choice for commercial aircraft. They feature a bias-ply construction, a specialized cord body shape and a specially compounded tread design and large contact area. GOODYEAR® FLIGHT LEADER® tires offer high speed performance and greater load capacity but also reduced stress as the tire cycles from tension to compression. They can be used in a wide range of operating conditions and aircraft applications.

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GOODYEAR® AVIATION FLIGHT MATE (Butyl) tire tubes offer superior air retention in a wide range of temperatures, and dramatically reduce time spent maintaining proper tire pressure. They are made from natural rubber offering long life and meeting cold temperature performance requirements: extreme low temperature of minus 50 degrees C. These tubes  feature continuous extruded construction for uniformity, premium aircraft valves and an average weight of 3 lbs.

The benefits from their use include  excellent resistance to inflation loss due to the proprietary Butyl compound as well as better balance (no overlapped splice).

The GOODYEAR® AVIATION FLIGHT MATE butyl tubes are the perfect complement for Goodyear and other brand name aircraft tires. They comply with the requirements of SAE Aerospace Standard AS50141 and meet MIL-I-5014 military specification (except for packaging). 

The letter "B" indicates a BENT valve stem. The letter "S" indicates a STRAIGHT valve stem. The digits inside the parenthesis indicate the use with different tires as follows:

(1) For use in both 5.00-5 and G380x150-5 (15x6.00-5) tires.

(2) For use in both 6.00-6 and 15x6.00-6 tires

(3) For use in both 7.00-6 and 8.00-6 tires.

(4) For use in 6.50-8, 19.5x6. 75-8 & 22x8.00-8 tires.

(5) Discontinued