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Based in the U.S.A  GARMIN product line includes a wide range of products including wearables, GPS technology personal navigation devices designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs, full line of avionics for the aviation industry and electronics for marine applications.

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GARMIN AERA 510 Portable...

AERA 510 is one of GARMIN older models of portable gps and availability is subject to remaining stocks. Please refer to other AERA gps offered. It is a dual duty portable gps combining the best in moving-map display features with intuitive, menu-driven touchscreen control. It features a 4.3-inch QVGA wide-format touchscreen and preloaded graphical mapping, support for NEXRAD imaging, SiriusXM satellite weather and optional SiriusXM Satellite radio with 170+ channels of digital music, news and other programming. The following navigation databases (ordered separately) can be used:

Americas - North, South and Central America (includes Alaska & Hawaii)

Atlantic International - Europe, Africa

Pacific International - Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and the South Pacific (includes Hawaii)

Discontinued. No longer available in NEW condition apart from existing stocks. Limited Availability.

GARMIN AERA 660 Portable...

GARMIN AERA 660 Portable GPS provides affordable feature-rich navigation, stunning display and streamlined database updating. It features a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen display, Connext® wireless capabilities for database updating , Garmin WireAware™ wire-strike avoidance technology, 3D Vision of rising terrain near the aircraft, while overlaying GPS-derived airspeed, altitude and vertical speed alongside flight plan information and more. Offered with different navigation databases.

GARMIN Aviation Database...

GARMIN offers a range of database annual subscriptions for use of different aviation content for all compatible Garmin avionics in a single aircraft for an annual price. Offered digital content is available for different coverage areas and includes Navigation Data, FliteCharts, Obstacles, Safe Taxi, Terain, Airport Directory, Basemap and IFR/VFR Charts. Data can be purchased separately in the form of individual subscriptions or as GARMIN OnePak database subscriptions combining more than one data categories.  The purchase of a OnePak subscription (*) also provides you with databases for one compatible Garmin portable aviation navigator and a one-year Garmin Pilot Premium upgrade for existing Garmin Pilot Standard subscribers. Compared to purchasing individual annual subscriptions to each database type for each device, OnePaks can offer significant savings. Please refer to the listed services, additional information at the Description Section or contact us.

Note: (*) OnePak eligibility is subject to the combination of qualified Garmin systems installed in the aircraft. Some system combinations may not be eligible and non-qualifying systems will not be included in the OnePak.


GARMIN GA 35 GPS WAAS ia a FAA TSO'd antenna. Antenna connection is female TNC out. For installation of this GPS antenna the use of  RG 400 or RG 142  and a male RG400/142 TNC connector is recommended. Suitable for use with Garmin GPS devices like the GTN 650 GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD.

GARMIN GI-106B TSO'd Panel...

GARMIN GI-106B TSO'd panel-mounted CDI is a high-quality course deviation indicator which includes a VOR/LOC/GPS needle as well as a glideslope needle, that can be hidden and disabled by an installer if the glideslope functionality is not needed. The GI 106B contains LED-lit GPS, NAV and VLOC mode annunciators, for an easy-to-read and modern look. TO/FROM annunciators are also LED, and when invalid, the needles are simply hidden out of the pilot’s view instead of using conventional invalid flags. The GI 106B replaces existing Garmin GI-102A & GI-106A models. It is compatible with the same pinout connections as the legacy GI 102A and GI 106A course deviation indicators, allowing for an easy upgrade path. It also features anti-reflective lenses and LED flood lighting for viewing at night.


The GARMIN GMA 342 is an affordably priced yet loaded with features TSO'd panel-mounted audio panel providing direct slide-in replacement for legacy GMA 340 or select third-party units. It can support dual comm, dual nav, 3 aux receivers and 2 wired stereo music inputs — enhanced with bass boost levels, equalizer settings and exclusive 3D Audio technology that spatially separates the multiple communication sources entering the pilot's headset.  Up to 2 dedicated stereo music sources can be connected via the unit’s rear connectors. With stereo headsets, incoming audio is spatially separated to reflect how different audio sources come from different directions. An automatic digital voice recorder on GMA 342 continuously captures the last 60 seconds of incoming active comm audio for instant playback with a single button press. Advanced auto squelch technology automatically adapts to a quiet or noisy environment without clipping words or cutting out during conversation.

Accessories: If not included in the ordered unit, installation Kit and other accessories are available at additional cost.

GARMIN GNC 255 Series TSO'd...

TSO'd Panel-Mounted COMM/NAV Radio with VOR/LOC and GS receiver. 10 W (GNC 255A) or 16W (GNC 255B) COMM with 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz spacing. Includes an internal VOR/LOC converter and 40-channel glideslope receiver. If purchased with a 4ft harness to AUDIO Panel it can be used only in experimental aircraft.