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Flight and engine instruments for experimental and homebuilt aircraft

Flight and engine instruments for experimental and homebuilt aircraft

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FALCON Air Airspeed...

FALCON GAUGE Airspeed Indicators have been one of the most chosen flight instruments by fixed Wing Planes, Helicopters and Ultralight Aircraft. The great advantages of these gauges are excellent slow speed characteristics, very progressive increments, a variety of ranges, light weight, short length, and affordable price. FALCON GAUGE Airspeed Indicators ranging up to 80 MPH, 100 MPH, 120 MPH and 150 MPH make for excellent MPH increments for Helicopters and Ultralight Aircraft. All FALCON GAUGE Airspeed Indicators are housed in an aluminum case and consist of all metal parts. Available Ranges: MPH, Knots, KPH; single range or dual range readings. Optional: Custom color range markings can be special ordered.

FALCON AN5812 Series Pitot...

This Falcon Pitot Tube has been used on many different types of aircraft for many years. Non TSO'd (for use in experimental aircraft only). Available in different versions for 12 or 24 V electical supplies and  for vertical or flat installations. Heated Material: Stainless Steel.

FALCON Electrical Attitude...

FALCON GAUGE Electrical Attitude Gyro is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.It provides a continuous visual display of the aircraft attitude with respect to the earth for maneuvering around the longitudinal (pitch), and lateral (roll) axes, and yaw. A precision AC brushless motor is featured in the electrical attitude gyro. The Power failure drops into view whenever the power is insufficient for operation of the gyro. Electrical gyro can be caged by pulling the "Pull to Cage" knob. It is offred with or without internal lighting and is designed to work with a 12V system. Dimension: 3-3/8"X 6.46/164mm.

FALCON Electrical Turn...

FALCON GAUGE  Electrical Turn Coordinator is used for displaying the angular rate and sideslip of turning in horizontal flying and turning. The inclinometer indicates the slip angle of the aircraft while in a turn. A power failure flag drops into view whenever the voltage drops below a level for proper operation. The Turn Coordinator incorporates a built-in voltage regulator so it can be used with either 14VDC or 28VDC power system. It is compact in size and light weight eliminating radio interference.

This small, lightweight unlighted turn coordinator is excellent for homebuilt aircraft. Works for 14 Volt or 28 Volt systems. Features, power out warning flag with a 0° Panel. Fits Standard 3-1/8" Cut Out, 3-3/4" long.

FALCON Magnetic Compass...

FALCON GAUGE Magnetic Compasses are available in liquid and non-liquid type. 

The Liquid Type compasses provide an accurate reading at a low cost.They are fluid damped and incorporate a thermal expansion chamber and compensating magnet. Available in Panel or Pedestal Mount versions with or without lighting. They can be ordered for Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

The Vertical Card Compass is a non-liquid type.  It is designed with a different concept which eliminates the disadvantages experienced with a liquid compass, namely leaking and back and forth motion of the compass card.  The compass looks like a directional gyro and offers superior visibility.  A second vertical rotating dial, which is compared with a fixed miniature airplane (lubber line), presents the magnetic heading of the aircraft at all times making heading information more natural.  The easy to read presentation allows the pilot to see the complete 360 degree dial.  Also features an internal LED light and a universal mounting bracket.

FALCON True Air Airspeed...

FALCON GAUGE True Airspeed Indicators have been one of the most chosen flight instruments by kit plane builders and pilots. There are many great advantages: excellent slow speed characteristics; very progressive increments; variety of ranges; light weight; short length; affordable price; high precision and reliability. Falcon Gauge True Airspeed Indicators have sub-dials and windows and are housed in an aluminum case and all partsmade from metal.  The Pilot can set the dial to coincide the outside temperature with the flight altitude for immediate reference. 

Offered with a single range reading or dual range readings, with MPH, Knots or KPH available ranges, a 3-1/8" size,  a short 2.2" length, optional internal lighting 14V DC or 28V DC and custom color range markings which can be special ordered, these indicators serve the needs of experimental aircraft cockpits.