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CLEVELAND 199-10500 TSO'd...

Although magnesium wheels and brakes are considerably lighter, magnesium is subject to corrosion and should not be used for amphibious operation. Only organic linings should be used on all brakes. All parts of the 500 x 5 size wheels and brakes for amphibians are constructed of anodized aluminum for water resistance (199-105). Their use is suggested if bearings are kept well greased. A reasonable service can be expected, but earlier bearing replacement should be anticipated. Alternatively, the use of  wheels and brakes with chrome plated bearings and brake disc and water drainage holes (199-105C) is recommended for best results in amphibious use. However, they are too costly for use on homebuilt aircraft.

CLEVELAND 199-105C TSO'd Wheel and Brake Assembly includes wheels with matching hydraulic chrome brake disks. Wheels with chrome brake discs are FAA-TSO approved under the original model number. 

Wheels come complete with bearings and wheel covers. Brake assembly has linings installed. Sold in pairs only. Best suited for amphibious operations.

Product Specifications:

Wheel Assembly P/N: 40-113X

Chrome Disk Kit P/N: 199-105 CHROME

Chrome Disk P/N: 164-14000

CLEVELAND 40-418 External...

The Cleveland 40-418 wheel assembly comes in different versions and includes the following parts and quantities (in bracket) per assembly as shown in the chart.

This product is non-cancellable/non-returnable (NCNR) once the order is placed. Requires backordering to the manufacturer. Delivery time cannot be specified.

CLEVELAND 40-87 Nose Wheel...

The Cleveland 40-87 nose wheel assembly comes in different versions and includes the parts and quantities (in bracket) per assembly as shown in the chart.

Special Order Item. Non-cancellable/non-returnable (NCNR) once the order is placed. Backordering may be required affecting delivery time.

CLEVELAND Grease Seal for...

A grease seal, often called an oil or dirt seal, is a type of seal utilized to retain grease in a case or housing. Grease seals close spaces between stationary and moving components in mechanical equipment, helping prevent lubricant escape. Preventing harmful containments from entering machinery is another critical function of a grease seal. Oil and grease seals are available in numerous lip materials. Popular materials include felt, leather, urethane, nitrile, polyacrylate, ethylene-acrylic or polyacrylic, silicone, fluoro-elastomer, tetrafluoro-ethylene propylene and PTFE. Cleveland Grease Seals are intended for use in Cleveland Wheel Assemblies. 

CLEVELAND Organic &...

For a number of years Cleveland offered standard organic & heavy-duty asbestos brake linings for their wheels and brakes. In January 1988 these two types of brake linings were discontinued and a single, improved brake lining was introduced with improved performance and durability compared to older linings. Different versions are available to fit aircraft models based on their year of construction. Brake linings are sold as pad only or as kits together the required number of rivets. Most light aircraft take 2 linings per wheel. Extra rivets are also available. Please refer to the attached Application Guide for additional information.