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CHEMETALL GROUP develops and manufactures tailor-made technology and system solutions for applied surface technology. The chemical treatment of metal surfaces is CHEMETALL’s core competence.Respective products protect metals from corrosion, facilitate forming and treatment, prepare parts optimally for the painting process and ensure excellent coating adhesion. The ARDROX® brand  includes high-performance cleaner, pretreatment, paint stripper, corrosion protection and non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies. It is the leading brand in the aerospace industry for cleaning technologies such as paint and scale removers, exterior aircraft cleaners, gas turbine engine compressor cleaners as well as corrosion inhibiting  and temporary protective compounds for both aircraft and aero engines in manufacture, maintenance, repair and overhaul rounds-off our broad portfolio. The ARDROX® brand also includes materials for non-destructive testing, particularly its range of dye penetrants and magnetic inks, for finding surface defects. 

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CHEMETALL® ARDROX® 185 Series colorless scale/rust removers have a greater than 12.5 pH level and a relative density of 1.43. The series includes 185L, a highly alkaline concentrated solution in water containing sequestrants and 185 water soluble powder offering a strong alkaline solution containing sequestrants. They can be used to remove rust and scale from iron and steel  in immersion tanks but also oil, grease and some air-dried paints.  They will not attack or cause hydrogen embrittlement in ferrous alloys and there is markedly less tendency for re-rusting to occur than with acid pickling.

ARDROX® 185L is usually used at a concentration of 30-50% by volume in water, depending on the amount of rust or scale to be removed. This corresponds to a concentration of 200 - 375 g/L of ARDROX® 185 in water. ARDROX® 185 must always be dissolved in cold water. There will be an exothermic reaction and the solution will heat up to 50-60°C / 120-140°F. The ARDROX® 185L is applied by immersion between 82 and 93°C (180 and 200°F). Agitate with mechanical agitation, do not use air agitation.

The immersion time will vary according to the degree of contamination, light rust being removed in approximately 10 minutes while heavy rust may take about an hour. If the components are heavily contaminated with oil or grease, the life of the ARDROX® 185L  bath will be prolonged if they are first degreased (e.g. with an ARDROX 6-series product).

When used in conjunction with the adequate other ARDROX® specialties (sold separately), ARDROX® 185L can be used to remove scale from hot-end jet engine components. It can also be used for cleaning parts made of titanium.

Thorough water rinsing must take place after the use of ARDROX® 185L. If no further immediate surface treatment is to follow, the use of a dewatering and protective fluid such as an ARDROX® 3-series is desirable to give protection from re-rusting.

The ARDROX® 185L  comes in a 5-gallon and 180-liter containers while the 185 powder in 25 kg bags.

Qualifications / Approvals:

SAE - ARP 1755B ( conformance )


Rolls Royce - CSS244 OMat

SNECMA - DMR 70-620

GE SPMC 70-80-04

Pratt Whitney - SPMC 70-12-00


For additional information please refer to the attached documentation.


CHEMETALL® has developed and manufactures NDT products for Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) applications as well as selected equipment related to NDT processes. The PT product range is represented by the well-known Ardrox® for the aerospace industry and Britemor® and Checkmor® brands specifically developed for the automotive, automotive components, energy and general industries. CHEMETALL® PT product groups include:

• Colour-contrast penetrants

• Fluorescent/water-washable penetrants (oil-based, surfactant-based, water-based)

• Fluorescent/post-emulsifiable penetrants

• Penetrant removers

• Developers

ARDROX® 920A, 9721 and 9722 are waterbased, water-washable fluorescent penetrants suitable for the detection of defects open to the surface. Equivalent to different AMS 2644 sensitivity levels depending on the product.

ARDROX® 970P24E, 970P25E and 970P26E are biodegradable water-washable fluorescent penetrants offering a range of sensitivity levels approved to AMS 2644.

ARDROX® 970x series water-washable fluorescent penetrants are  based on latest surfactant technology (free of Nonylphenolethoxylate, short „NPE-free“). All products have low-odor, low toxicity and therefore a minimal impact on the environment.

ARDROX® 981x series high performance, post-emulsifiable, fluorescent penetrants feature low-odor, low toxicity, high flash point, minimal environmental impact and show significant performance improvements compared to older generation products. ARDROX®  9881 is a new hydrophilic emulsifier with improved odor control and bath stability.

ARDROX® Red Dye Penetrants include 907PB, water-washable and solvent-removable, 996PB solvent-removable and 9VF2, a high sensitivity azo-dye free fluorescent colour contrast water-washable penetrant without aromatic hydrocarbons.

ARDROX® developers are based on very fine white powder with a defined particle size range and advanced absorption properties. They ensure superior white film background for better visibility of indications. They can be removed easily after inspection.

ARDROX® 9PRx are colourless, highly volatile, solventbased penetrant removers. Fast drying they have a low sulphur and halogen content. Mainly used for the removal of both visible red dye and fluorescent penetrants but can also be used as a solvent precleaner prior to the penetrant application for the removal of oil and grease.

For additional information on ARDROX® NDT products please refer to the attached documentation.


CHEMETALL® ARDROX® brand is the leading brand for aerospace surface solutions including paint and scale removers, exterior aircraft & gas turbine engine compressor cleaners, corrosion inhibiting and non-destructive testing protective compounds for both aircraft and aero engines and materials.

CHEMETALL® ARDROX® Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds' (CIC) range includes AV 8, AV 15 (aka DINITROL AV15), general purpose AV 25, the most versatile AV 30 and AV 40.  They are water displacing, long-term corrosion inhibitors highly  penetrating  areas exposed to severe corrosion conditions and combining good penetration properties with excellent corrosion inhibiting characteristics and a low applied film weight. Their viscosity is optimised to ensure an effective protective coating and promote penetration into otherwise inaccessible areas of the airframe. Applied as a coating to protect metals in airframe structures, on painted and unpainted surfaces, and in aerospace components to safeguard metals from corrosion. In areas exposed to severe corrosion conditions AV 8 should be overcoated with AV 100D - a heavy duty, waxy, firm film CIC.

CHEMETALL ARDROX® corrosion inhibitors are offered in different packaging options and comply with different specifications including Boeing BMS, MIL-PRF-16173, McDonnell Douglas DMS, Airbus AIMS and others.

CHEMETALL ARDROX® 3140 Corrosion Preventative contains film forming agents, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors in a refined hydrocarbon solvent base. Provides long term protection for raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished components, which are to be stored or used in corrosive environments. 

CHEMETALL ARDROX® corrosion inhibitors and preventives are classified as HAZMAT Hazardous Materials UN Number: UN1139 - UN Class: 3. Hazmat packaging & certification required.

CHEMETALL ARDROX® 6367 Turbine Engine Cleaner is a liquid concentrate which consists of an aqueous blend of biodegradable surfactants and corrosion inhibitors formulated to clean the compressor sections of gas turbine engines. It is solvent free and removes deposits, oils and their oxidation products in the compressor area. Contains corrosion inhibitors providing protection against corrosion for up to 3 days during engine standstill times. Does not contain any EDTA, NTA or their salts. Regular cleaning with Ardrox® 6367 helps maintain peak engine efficiency and reduces maintenance and fuel cost. Ardrox® 6367 is compatible with recognized antifreeze materials used during cold weather cleaning. Approved for use in a range of turbine engines including CFM56 CP5060 , GE SPM 70-80-04, Ref. C04-140, P&W SPM 70-12-00, SPMC 87-10A, Rolls Royce CSS 260 and others. Offered in different packaging options including 25-liter pails and 55 USG drums.

For additional information on ARDROX® CIC and Compressor Cleaner please consult the Product Description section or refer to the attached documentation.