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SIMMONDS specialises on self-locking and special nuts and is now a business unit of  HOWMET AEROSPACE Inc. HOWMET Fastening Systems is the premier designer and manufacturer of aerospace and industrial fasteners, latches, bearings, fluid fittings and installation tools. HOWMET products are used on commercial and military aircraft, as well as on jet engines, industrial gas turbines, automobiles, commercial transportation vehicles, wind turbines, solar power systems, and construction and industrial equipment. Widely known brands now offered by  HOWMET AEROSPACE Inc. include Camloc, Delron, Deutsch, Huck, Kaynar, K-Fast, Linread, Mairoll, Marson, Mecaero, Microdot, North Bridge, RAM, Recoil, Republic, Rosán, Screwcorp, Simmonds, Tridair, Valley-Todeco, Van Petty and Voi-Shan.

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SIMMONDS®, a business unit of  HOWMET AEROSPACE, specialises on self-locking and special nuts. 

The SIMMONDS® self locking nuts come in different types (series) offered in different materials and sizes, they can be reused (fully tightened and loosened) at least 15 times without affecting the nut's performanceare, they are lightweight and extremely durable, , exhibit a  very strong locking performance and can be used in a wide temperature range.

The SIMMONDS® Nylstop Type P (Standard Version) and Type T (Low Profile Version) nylon locking nuts have been designed to stop nut and bolt disengagement during use. The internal nylon ring deforms around the threads as the nut is twisted on to the bolt, ensuring a tight, vibration resistant grip on the bolt.

The SIMMONDS® PH Series Aerospace quality hexagonal self-locking nuts are small, thin walled, lightweight and extremely strong. Made from  CRES A286 stainless steel and silver plated these nutls are particularly useful when space and weight are at a premium. Used typically in engine applications they are MJ threaded and offered in Meric diameters M3-M12 to meet different applications requirements. 

The SIMMONDS® MHT Series are conical shaped self locking nuts, where the diameter of the upper part of the nut is slightly reduced. Six vertical slots will open gradually whilst the nut is screwed onto the bolt. The elasticity provided by the particular shape of the nut will ensure the required locking torque.

For additional information on SIMMONDS® self locking nuts please refer to the Product Description section and the supplied documentation.