DUNLOP AIRCRAFT TYRES LIMITED is headquartered in England with additional retread and after-market service facilities located in America and China. The company designs, makes and retreads world class aircraft tires for many popular narrow bodied, wide bodied, regional and military aircraft from manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.

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DUNLOP AIRCRAFT TYRES manufactures several different types of aircraft tIre for many applications: bias tIres for modern jet and military aircraft, radial tires for military jets, bias tires for helicopters and chined tyres used for nose wheel applications primarily on rear-engined jet aircraft   Different tire size designations grouped into various 'types' are also used such as Type III mainly for low-pressure service on older piston-driven aircraft or Type VII related to high-pressure tires with high load capacity designed for modern jet and turboprop aircraft. All DUNLOP aircraft tires are manufactured in accordance with TSO-C62, MIL-PERF-5041 or AIR8505A and/or applicable airframe manufacturer specifications.

DUNLOP aircraft tires are offered as NEW or RETREAD ( the second designated by the letters "RT" after the product reference number (SKU).

DUNLOP AIRCRAFT TYRES also produces aircraft inner tubes manufactured to rigorous standards which meet or exceed all commercial and military performance requirements, including MIL-I-5014 military specification (except for packaging).

They are made from natural rubber which ensures maximum life and meets cold temperature performance requirements.

DUNLOP inner tubes are factory balanced. The heavy spot is marked in red. If there is no red mark, the valve is considered the heavy spot. The valve stem, core and cap are manufactured for aircraft use and designed for high and low pressure requirements.

For additional information on DUNLOP AIRCRAFT TYRES  products please consult the supplied Guide and tire specification sheets.