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The Joint Stock Company "Scientific Research Institute of Space Instrumentation" (JSC "NII KP") was established in 1985  as a wide-profile instrument enterprise specializing in the creation of civil and military products. Currently, the JSC NII KP activities focus on development and supply of advanced on-board and ground-based consumer navigation equipment designed to locate weapons and military equipment using GLONASS / GPS satellite signals, as well as equipment control and correction stations designed to improve the accuracy of determining the location of moving objects. The JSC "NII KP" is the leading organization of the State Corporation "Roscosmos" for monitoring and ensuring the stability of the electronic component base and radio-electronic equipment of spacecraft to the effects of ionizing radiation from outer space, as well as the parent organization of the Interdepartmental center for radiation testing of the electronic component base according to the nomenclature of Roscosmos.

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Automatic portable radio beacons (ELT(AP) АРМ-406П (ARM-406P), АРМ-406П1 (ARM-406P1) and АРМ-406АС1 (ARM-406AC1) are safety devices designed to transmit via satellite to the stations COSPAS-SARSAT distress radio signals with aircraft coordinates received from the onboard computer system.Such information facilitie identification of the aircraft and guidance of S&R facilities to the accident site. Located in the aircraft cabin these devices offer the possibility of quick use in an emergency.

The automatic portable radio beacon АРМ-406П1 (APM-406P1) includes:

- monoblock P, consisting of a double protective casing with shock absorbers installed in it, an overload sensor (DP) and an AC1A monoblock;

- remote control PDU-406 (ПДУ-406) installed in the cockpit;

- external antenna ANT-406VA (АНТ-406ВА), mounted on the aircraft body.

The АС1А monoblock is  a portable radio beacon, including a PM-AC1A (ПМ-АС1А) transmitting module, an АРМ-043-01 autonomous power supply unit and an ANT-APM-01 (АНТ-АРМ-01) antenna. The emergency mode of operation of the AC1A monoblock can be switched on both from the remote control and from the DP, as well as manually when removing it from the protective casing when leaving the emergency aircraft.

Autonomous power supply (APS) units are also offered for use with the radio beacons. АРМ-043 (CDKT.436140.590) 14.4V are intended for use for beacons manufactured before 2013 while АРМ-043-01 (CDKT.436140.590-01) 10.8V for beacons manufactured after 2013. Unless otherwise specified their replacement frequency is once every 3 years with a 3-year self life.

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