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US Kaman Corporation of Bloomfield, Connecticut, develops highly-engineered products for customers in diversified industries where product performance is critical. As an OEM, and producer of subassemblies, components and parts, Kaman manufactures a range of products including aerospace aftermarket parts, bearings and engineered products, composites and metal structures, data transfer systems, displacement sensors, flexible drive systems, helicopters, safing and arming devices, seals, springs and contacts as well as aircraft wheels brakes and hydraulics. Kamatics Corporation and RWG Frankenjura-Industrie Flugwerklager GMBH, of Dachsbach, Germany comprise the Kaman Specialty Bearings and Engineered Products (KSB) division of Kaman Aerospace Group. KSB manufactures mechanical products for aviation, marine, hydropower, and other industrial applications. The company offers self-lubricated bearings and traditional rolling element bearings for hydropower installations, ships, submarines, aircraft flight controls, turbine engines, and landing gear as well as drive couplings for helicopters. Kaman Corporation has acquired Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division  (“Aircraft Wheel & Brake”) of the Parker-Hannifin Corporation while Kaman Distribution Group (KDG) is now part of Motion Industries, Inc.

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KAMAN CORPORATION bearings include a wide range of spherical bearings, rod ends and journal bearings. 

KAMAN KAMATICS Metal-To-Metal Self-Lubricating Spherical Bearings are designed with conventional stainless steel alloys, or other specialized alloys based on application, temperature and environment and come with KAron™ self-lubricating liners. They  are maintenance free and provide increased reliability and longer application life, reducing operating cost in challenging applications across industries.  They are offered in different series outlined below, in inch and metric systems and used in a a variety of applications in  aerospace (commercial fixed wing aircrafts), engines,commercial and military helicopters, heavy industry, hydropower, or marine vehicles.

KR-CN Series. MS14104 qualified bearings, narrow, chamfered outer race, -65° F to +325° F

KR-CNG Series. MS14101 qualified bearings, narrow, grooved outer race, -65° F to +325° F

KR-CW Series. MS14102 qualified bearings, wide, chamfered outer race, -65° F to +325° F

KR-CWG Series. MS14103 qualified bearings, wide, grooved outer race, -65° F to +325° F

KR-CN/4 Series. MS81820/4 qualified bearings, lined bore, narrow, chamfered outer race, -65° F to +325° F

KR-CNG/1 Series. MS81820/1  qualified bearings, lined bore, narrow,  grooved outer race, -65° F to +325° F

KR-CW/2 Series. MS81820/2 qualified bearings, lined bore, wide, chamfered outer race, -65° F to +325° F

KR-CWG/3 Series. MS81820/3 qualified bearings, lined bore, wide, grooved outer race, -65° F to +325° F

KR-CE Series. Extended inner race bearings, high misalignment, chamfered outer race

KR-CEG Series. Extended inner race bearings, high misalignment, grooved outer race

KR-C Series. Miniature Series bearings, chamfered outer race

For additional information and specifications please refer to the supplied documentation.