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Producer of oils, lubricants, fluids and greases for a wide range of applications. Acquired by BP in 1992, Castrol today provides aerospace lubricants, fluids, cleaners and expertise to reduce TCO, drive production efficiency, ensure quality and enable sustainability.

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CASTROL® is a producer of oils, lubricants, fluids and greases for a wide range of applications. The company aerospace product range includes  lubricants, fluids and cleaners. Acquired by BP in 1992.

CASTROL® BRAYCO™ 599 is a specially designed synthetic base, dark amber, rust preventative concentrate.It is designed for use as an additive for storage at 10-15% by volume for turbine engines and helicopter transmissions which use MIL-PRF-23699 synthetic turbine oils. Lower concentrations, between 5 and 10 percent, may be suitable for some component storage applications, depending upon storage conditions and length of storage. 

To receive full protection when the equipment is intended to be placed in extended storage, CASTROL® BRAYCO™ 599 should be added to the oil sump immediately after an oil change, especially in locations where high humidity and salt spray are present. The corrosion inhibited oil should be capable of limited use, not exceeding 25 hours. It is recommended to add CASTROL® BRAYCO™ 599 in concentrations between 10 and 15 percent by volume. 

Meets all the requirements of, and is qualified to MIL-PRF-8188D. Complies with General Electric, Aircraft Engine Group Specification D50TF6-S1.

CASTROL® BRAYCO™ 599 has a maximum recommended shelf life of 9 years from date of manufacture. This shelf life assumes that the product is stored in its original unopened packaging in ambient temperature conditions.

Consult the engine manufacturer's maintenance manual or service bulletin to determine the specific engine model storage requirements.

Available in different packaging options, 8 ounce tins, 5 US gallon pails and 55 US gallon drum containers.

For additional information please refer to the attached documentation.

CASTROL™ 5000 Synthetic...

Turbine engine oils (abbreviated as TEOs), also known as jet oils, turbo oils are specialty lubricants designed to support the operation of turbine engines. Apart from their lubricating function of the engine,  gearbox, shafts and associated accessories, TEOs have two additional functions. Their various additives protect the components from corrosion, and filter contaminants in the engine such as carbon deposits (coking) while TEOs are also used as heat transfer fluids, cooling the engine in temperatures reaching 1000°C, in turn extending the life of the oil up to 25,000 hours of operation. TEOs have been initially developed as mineral and and subsequently innovated to synthetic.

Castrol™ 5000 is a 5 centistoke "Type II" synthetic lubricant designed for use in modern gas turbine engines operating at bulk oil temperatures exceeding those which "Type I" oils can successfully withstand. It  is a clear, amber-colored fluid having the appearance of a thin oil with a faint aromatic odor. It is based on a blend of high quality hindered esters and additives used to offer a product with excellent high temperature and oxidation stability, good load-carrying properties and complete compatibility with engine and accessory constructional materials, such as metals and elastomeric sealing compounds. 

Castrol™ 5000  is compatible with other MIL-PRF-23699F Std, 5 centistoke gas turbine lubricanrts such as AEROSHELL® 500, 560, EXXONMOBIL® Mobil Jet Oil II, EXXONMOBIL® Mobil Jet Oil 254, EASTMAN Turbo Oil 2380™ and others. However, it is unwise to mix grades of different viscosity.

Castrol™ 5000  oil  is not compatible with mineral oils and while it is miscible with phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, the latter will have a detrimental effect such as coking propensity and resistance to corrosion. 

For additional information and specifications please refer to the supplied documentation.