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Bridgestone Coporation is the world's largest tires and rubber manufacturer, delivering a wide range of innovative, premium product portfolio includes passanger and light truck tires, motorcycle tires, commercial truck and bus tires, aircraft and mining tires, industrial products, and premium golf balls, clubs and other accesories.

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BRIDGESTONE® Aircraft Tires...

BRIDGESTONE Corporation is the world’s largest tire and rubber company, with more than 80 years of experience and insistence on quality in aircraft tire manufacturing. The company supplies new and retread (*) tires to airlines and wheelshops worlwide remaining one of the most trusted brands in the aviation industry.

BRIDGESTONE® range of aircraft tires includes Bias, Radial and Revolutionarily Reinforced Radial Tires (RRR). They work under extremely severe conditions, carrying the weight of an aircraft up to 569 metric tons while accelerating up to 245 mph at takeoff, in addition to enduring varied environmental stress when in flight and taxiing.

BRIDGESTONE® Bias tires feature enhanced tire durability, greater overload durability, reduced weight, new cord and performance improvements due to the integration of Tension Control Optimization (TCOT) and Aircraft Tire Tension Control Optimization (ACOT) Theory principles.

BRIDGESTONE® Radial tires feature lighter design, reduced rolling resistance, rigged belt design, added strength to belt and carcass plies and increased number of landings.

BRIDGESTONE® Revolutionarily Reinforced Radial Tires (RRR) feature superior safety, higher cut resistance, more casing durability after received Foreign Object Damage (F.O.D.), economy, less weight and more landing cycles (improved tire wear). They have been selected by Airbus and Boeing as OE tires for their respective aircraft.

Please refer to the supplied documentation and the Aircraft Tire Application Table for additional information.

(*) Retread tires have undergone a remanufacturing process to replace the worn tread on used tires with new tread to help extend the life of the tire. The number of times the  tread has been replaced in the tire casing is indicated by a number just after the letter "R" in the product reference number (SKU), namely R1, R2, R3 and so on.