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AERO FLUID PPRODUCTS, designs and manufactures fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic valves and fluid regulator systems. It forms part of TransDigm Group Incorporated. In 2018 the AERO FLUID PPRODUCTS  acquired DUKES AEROSPACE Inc., a company specializing in the manufacture and support of reliable fuel pumps for general aviation and corporate aircraft worldwide as well as solenoids, pneumatic valves and cabin pressure control systems for the aerospace, marine and space markets.

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The DUKES AEROSPACE Inc. is a manufacturer of  fuel pumps for general aviation and corporate aircraft.  DUKES fuel pumps are used in a range of aircraft such as Beechcraft, Cessna, Diamond, Maule, Mooney, Lake and Navion aircraft. The company is a subsidiary of AERO FLUID PPRODUCTS, part of TransDigm Group Inc.

The DUKES AEROSPACE fuel pumps are offered as NEW, OVERHAULED or OVERHAULED EXCHAGE (in the second case, in exchange of existing customer owned unit (core) for a quick turn around). Overhaul pumps are serviced in accordance with FAA-approved process specification and certified (FAA Form 8130-3) by authorized repair stations such as QUALITY AIRCRAFT ACCESSORIES, the exclusive DUKES AEROSPACE  authorized overhaul facility for General Aviation fuel pumps,  RAPCO FLEET SUPPORT SERVICES division or CJ AVIATION. In the case of exchanged pumps,  the  full selling price of the ordered unit is charged and the core credit is refunded or credited towards future orders with us when our co-operating supplier verifies that the unit is in a serviceable condition. 

Additionally, FAA-PMA approved direct replacement fuel pumps to the respective DUKES AEROSPACE  models are offered. They are made by reputable manufacturers such as CJ AVIATION and offered as NEW or NEW EXCHANGE (please refer to their separate product presentations). For additional information please consult the supplied documentation of our offered products (*) or contact us.

(*) The supplied documentation is to be used for reference only. When selecting a part for installation, consult the appropriate aircraft maintenace manual, parts catalogue, or equipment list for approved data.