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AIRBORNE designs and manufactures motor driven fuel pumps and is part of the PARKER AEROSPACE GROUP of the PARKER HANNIFIN CORPORATION.

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The PARKER AIRBORNE designs and manufactures motor driven fuel fuel  boost and transfer pumps and is part of the PARKER AEROSPACE GROUP of the PARKER HANNIFIN CORPORATION. These pumps consist standard equipment by the world's leading airframe manufacturers. The PARKER AIRBORNE product range includes:

- In Line fuel pumps for low-flow fuel applications,

- Submerged Centrifugal fuel pumps,

- High Performance Centrifugal fuel pumps for use in turboprop or turbofan jet aircraft,

- Submerged Duplex fuel pumps with two distinct pumping elements

The PARKER AIRBORNE fuel boost pumps use 28 V direct current (DC) to drive a highly efficiency, brushless DC (BLDC) motor or 115.5 V alternating current (AC) three-phase induction motors. The BLDCmotor-driven pumps incorporate integral electronic controllers using Hall Effect sensor rotor-position feedback. The hardware-only controller doe not use any software or programmable logic devices. These pumps feature:

-fuel cooled motor and electronics

-fuel wetted carbon bearings allowing for long-life fluid film design with no rotating shaft seals

-a high efficiency brushless DC (BLDC) motor or a three-phase induction motor

-qualification for high levels of lighting and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Offered pumps are OVERHAULED in accordance with FAA-approved process specification, come with a FAA Form 8130-3 and can be provided in exchange of existing customer owned units (cores). In all exchange cases,  the  full selling price of the ordered unit is charged and the core credit is refunded or credited towards future orders with us when our co-operating supplier verifies that the unit is in a reasonable condition. For additional information please consult the supplied documentation (*) or contact us.

In addition to the PARKER AIRBORNE pumps, RAPCO FAA-PMA approved pumps are also offered as direct replacements  to the respective PARKER AIRBORNE models. The RAPCO replacement pumps can be furnished as either NEW EXCHANGE or OVERHAUL EXCHANGE (please refer to their separate product presentation).

(*) The supplied documentation is to be used for reference only. When selecting a part for installation consult the appropriate aircraft maintenace manual, parts catalogue, or equipment list for approved data.